25 Fun & Cute Ways to Say Hi in a Text Message In a Casual Way (2024)

There are million cute and funny ways to say hi in a text message. It is the 21st century after all, you can no longer rely on the basics.

25 Fun & Cute Ways to Say Hi in a Text Message In a Casual Way (1)

There are so many cute ways to say hi in a text message. Of course, this varies per person. What some people find funny may fly right over someone else’s head. But, try to avoid just saying, “hi.” This is dull, boring, and doesn’t excite anyone to talk to you. No offense.

If you are looking to get a cute and even flirty conversation started, you need some cute and funny ways to say hi in a text message. You don’t want to give a bad first impression, even virtually.

And if being clever or original with the words isn’t exactly your thing, it’s okay because you’re in good hands.

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The importance of saying hi

Most of us are on our phones 90% of our day *a totally just made-up statistic, so please don’t search that* but it has got to be pretty close to the truth.

Even though it may be the case, we aren’t always texting. We are on Instagram or TikTok or just sending each other memes without saying a word.

With texting happening less and less, it is even more important to make a good impression by finding cute ways to say hi in a text message. You don’t want to seem disinterested, overly interested, or boring. You want to find the perfect funny or cute thing to say instead of the basic, “hi.”

Saying hi is starting the conversation, but it doesn’t encourage or inspire anything. You want to say something to make this person smile or giggle or ask a question or answer your question.

This isn’t someone you’re walking past on the street and subtly nodding at. You are texting this person to talk to them and maybe get to know them better or spark a connection. Be original, and the cute way you say hi will get things going. [Read: 13 ways to get your crush to talk to you]

Cute ways to say hi in a text message

For those of you who lack that originality when saying hi in a text message, these ideas should spark something in you. Whichever of these cute ways interests you, use it. It will surely start things out right in your next texting conversation.

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1. Use emojis

The rosy-cheeked smiley face is one of the cutest ones to use when saying hello because it is literally adorable. This emoji shows you’re sort of shy and cheeky but still being mysterious and cute.

It is practically impossible to use that emoji and not leave people smiling. Also, the little monkey see, monkey do emojis are great additions to any hi text message. You can even add a random or nonsensical one in, just to get them talking. [Read: How to decode the meaning of the colorful heart emojis]

2. Send a photo

Instead of using your words, use the art of photography. A photo of you smiling or waving hi is much more exciting than the word “hi” in a text message.

This will leave your recipient feeling like you are really interested. Plus, seeing a cute photo of you will go a long way too. Just keep it PG, at least for now. [Read: Unwritten texting rules you need to remember]

3. Try a video

Since you can send photos, you can also send videos. You can send a video of you actually waving or perhaps singing a Disney song… Be cute and have fun with it. Use your confidence to encourage their response.

4. Use a cute saying

“Hey, pretty lady” is a great option, or “Hey good lookin’, what’s cookin’?” Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. These are classics that will honestly never get old.

They may sound a little cringe or cheesy, but that’s why they work. You rarely hear these anymore, but they are wholesome and cute. [Read: How to text a girl for the first time and leave a great impression]

5. Say hi in another language

Saying “Hola or “Bonjour” are cute ways to say hi. You aren’t really putting that much effort in, but it does start a conversation about cultures and if you really know another language.

It also just takes saying “hi” up a notch.

6. “How long has it been?”

Saying something like, “I miss you” or “it has been ages,” lets them know that no matter how long it has been, you’re thinking of them. You want to catch up. This is a great way to enter into a nice long conversation about what you’ve both been up to. [Read: How to keep a conversation going and make anyone love talking to you]

7. *WAVES*

I’ve received this text a few times, and it’s sort of funny, depending on who sends it. It could honestly go either way. But if you think you could pull this one off, then, by all means, go for it. [Read: 50 cute words and their true meanings]

8. “Hey you”

C-L-A-S-S-I-C! This is one of those cute ways to say hi in a text message thatis seriously so simple, but it never fails. When someone who likes you gets this text, instead of just “hi,” they feel like you’re thinking about them.

Just the simple use of the word ‘you’ makes you feel more seen and attracted. Let this simple yet cute way to say hi over text lead your recipient to “awwww” town.

9. Ask them how they’re doing

You don’t necessarily need to say “hi” at all. You could just jump right into the conversation and ask them how their day is going. Ask how something like a test or work went. This shows you have an actual interest in their life. You aren’t just looking for someone to fill your boredom.

Honestly, it is such a great feeling to look down at your phone in the middle of the day to see this text message. It is just a great feeling to know that someone else thought about your well-being throughout their own busy day. [Read: What to text a guy when you want to make the first move]

10. Pet photo

Just send them a photo of your pet and say, “______ says hello.” Nobody is ever going to complain about getting a pet photo sent their way. This is a win-win for both parties. You start a cute conversation, and the other person gets to look at an adorable animal.

Do you share a similar interest in a band or musician? Perhaps you could open the conversation with a lyric of theirs. Or maybe you have an inside joke that you share. Open the conversation with that.

It reminds the other person of your connection, and they might be more inclined to reply to your message. [Read: The accidental text on purpose – How to use it and when you should never use it]

12. Super forward

You + Me = Coffee shop in 15 minutes? Want to ask them on a date, just get to it. Don’t weigh the conversation down with small talk if that’s not your thing.

Just be aware that this might not work in your favor. Some people are too nervous about jumping into hanging out, but to others, this will come off super confident and get them excited to see you.

13. “Did you catch…?”

Ask them about a new episode of a show you both watch or a game that was on the night before. This gives you an easy topic and takes away any of the nerves when texting your crush. [Read: A step-by-step guide to texting your crush and getting them interested in you]

14. A photo of your food

People may think food photos are overdone when it comes to social media. But sending your crush a picture of your delicious dinner will excite them. You can offer for them to join you. Or show them how good of a cook you are so they want to experience your skills first hand.

15. A movie quote

Whether it is a movie you know they love, or are popular with everyone, use a quote to say hi in a text message. This could be a random quote, or it could be how someone in a show or movie texted someone else, or really anything. Pick a quote you like and send it. [Read: How to keep a text conversation going when you have nothing to say]

Funny ways to say hi in a text message

Having funny ways to say hi in a text message is essential. Making someone laugh can be even more impactful than making them smile or blush.

Laughter is something everyone is looking for in a potential partner, friend, and just anyone they talk to. So, make having funny ways to say hi in a text message your priority. You won’t regret it. And here are some methods of inspiration. [Read: 45 funny questions to get to know someone better]

1. Open up with a joke

Forget about saying hi. Instead, tell a joke. You can go with a knock-knock joke, a riddle, or a cheesy pickup line. It is important to stay fun and creative when sending these text messages because if you are too serious, the lightness of it becomes lost.

Of course, you can get serious later, but just saying hi should be fun. [Read: How to start a conversation over text and get them texting back in no time]

2. Ask for their opinion

Send them two things and ask their opinion. It’ll be way funnier if you send them two similar things. Show them two shirts that look similar and ask which they prefer.

3. Use a meme or gif

Use memes and gifs to your advantage. There is nothing wrong with finding something you find hilarious and sharing it with them. Just try to comment something about it, so they are more likely to respond and not just like it. [Read: How to be a funny texter and make them laugh when they see your text]

4. Be nostalgic

Say, “Wassssuuuupppp?” or some other form of a greeting from the ’90s or early 2000s. This will make them laugh for sure. It will also likely start on a conversation about the good old days.

5. Give them a nickname

You can say hi but add a nickname. Maybe it is based on their name, on something they did last time you saw them, or something else that reminds you of them. They’ll surely ask about it or at least giggle at your choice of nickname. [Read: How to pick the right pet name for someone]

Let them know about something funny that happened to you today. Let them know how someone at the grocery store called you pretty, and you were so flattered until you heard them say the same thing to everyone else that passed them by.

Or tell them about how you stepped in dog poop. Anything embarrassing will get them laughing and put them in a good mood to keep talking with you.

7. Remind them of something funny

Even if you’re teasing them a bit, remind them of something funny that happened last time you were together or even years ago if you’ve known each other that long. Say something along the lines of, “Remember when you…”

It may be a little embarrassing, but having fun with them is great and starts some wonderful and even flirty banter. [Read: Romantic gestures from the old days that still work]

8. Send a funny video

Don’t just send a video of you, but a funny video you saw online. Maybe it is a video of a baby and a puppy or someone wiping out. Any video you see online and laugh at is a good choice to get them to see your sense of humor.

9. Be honest

Let them know you’re nervous or don’t know what to say. Say, “I wanted to text you hi but wasn’t sure what to say, so I’m just saying this.” Your honesty will really be touching and authentic. [Read: 30 easy text conversation starters for the shy and awkward people out there]

10. Forget the text

Be old-fashioned or bold and forget about sending a text. Instead, call them or video chat them. This is a lot more intense, but shows you are confident. Reaching out directly like this says you are ready to have a real conversation.

[Read: How to be a better texter and become someone everyone enjoys texting with]

Don’t limit yourself to “hi” or hello.” You’re better than that. Hopefully, these cute and funny ways to say hi in a text message help to inspire you into your next conversation.

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25 Fun & Cute Ways to Say Hi in a Text Message In a Casual Way (2024)


What can I say instead of HI in text? ›

synonyms for hi
  • greetings.
  • howdy.
  • welcome.
  • bonjour.
  • buenas noches.
  • buenos dias.
  • good day.
  • good morning.

What are some cute ways to say hi? ›

1 “Howdy.” 2 “Ahoy, matey.” 3 “Aloha.” 4 “Yo yo yo!”
Here are a few cute ways to say hello:
  • “What's good, boo boo?”
  • “Hey there hot stuff.”
  • “Hi! I like your face.”
  • “Aye baby, how you doin'?”

How do you say hi in flirting? ›

Ask them questions about their family or hobbies to get to know them better. After saying hello, start asking them open-ended questions to keep the conversation going. You might ask about their siblings, what they do on the weekends, or who their favorite musicians are.

What are 50 ways to say hello? ›

Here are 50 ways to say hello and bid someone a good day so pick a way and start saying hello today.
  • Hello.
  • Hello Beautiful.
  • Hey Friend.
  • Hey Boo.
  • Hey Sunshine.
  • Hey Sweetart.
  • Hey Girl Hey.
  • Hey Luv.
7 Jun 2017

What are 10 ways to say hi? ›

Improving your English fluency starts with learning how to say the most common phrases in multiple ways. Let's start with “hello.”
You could use the phrases below to substitute or supplement the word hello.
  1. Good morning/afternoon/evening. ...
  2. Pleased to meet you. ...
  3. It's nice to meet you. ...
  4. It's good to see you. ...
  5. How are you?

How do you say hi in casual? ›

Howdy / Hey mate / Hey man / G'day / and Gidday mate all indicate that we know a person quite well. How are you? / What's up? / How's it going? are casual ways to say hello in English and indicate that we've known that person for some time. How's you? is a casual and tender way to ask after someone's wellbeing.

What is a fancy word for hi? ›

A polite word or sign of welcome or recognition. greeting. salutation. welcome. salute.

How is Hi informal? ›

Hi is a word used for greeting as well. Hi is properly defined as an informal 'hello' or an expression that is used to attract attention. Hi is commonly used in informal and casual situations and where no authority is usually expressed or is needed to be recognized.

How do you say hi slang? ›

  1. How do you say hello in English slang? Yo, Hiya, Hey, Sup, Howdy, You alright mate.
  2. How do you say hello casually? Hi, Hey, Hiya, Yo.
  3. How do you reply to Hi? You can also say Hi, Hello, Hey, Hiya. Then, you can add a question like How are you?

Is Hi more friendly than hello? ›

Hi is equivalent to hello, but it is considered a little bit more informal in tone. In fact, it was recorded a lot earlier than hello.

What are some flirting text? ›

Flirty texts for him
  • Y/N: Thinking about me?
  • Feeling cuddly? ...
  • Still wearing your sweatshirt…
  • Netflix? ...
  • Can't stop thinking about your lips.
  • How much skin is too much skin to show on our date tonight?
  • You're my favorite veggie—a cute-cumber!
  • Thinking a lot of things about you I can't say…but I could text.
21 May 2022

What are flirty words? ›

  • amorous.
  • coquettish.
  • coy.
  • dallying.
  • frisky.
  • kittenish.
  • teasing.

How do you say hi in text without being dry? ›

Here are 20 tips on how to not be a dry texter.
  1. Reply as soon as you can. ...
  2. Avoid using one-word replies. ...
  3. Know the purpose of your reply. ...
  4. Make texting fun with GIFs and emojis. ...
  5. Make your crush smile with memes. ...
  6. Don't be afraid to ask questions. ...
  7. Show your sense of humor. ...
  8. Go ahead and flirt a little.
19 Oct 2021

How do adults say hello? ›

13 Ways to Greet Someone
  1. Hello. This is the most basic greeting in English. ...
  2. Hi. This is a shorter version of "hello". ...
  3. Hey. Now, "hey" is definitely more casual than "hi" or "hello". ...
  4. Good morning. / Good afternoon. / Good evening. ...
  5. It's nice to meet you. ...
  6. It's a pleasure to meet you. ...
  7. It's good to see you again. ...
  8. What's up?

What should I add after hi? ›

When the salutation in your letter or email starts with "Hello" or "Hi," then you should put a comma before the name of the person you're addressing. It is also standard practice to put a comma after the name of the person you're addressing.

What are 5 ways to greet? ›

Formal Greetings
  1. Hello!
  2. Hi there.
  3. Good morning.
  4. Good afternoon.
  5. Good evening.
  6. It's nice to meet you.
  7. It's a pleasure to meet you. As you may have assumed, these last two only work when you are meeting someone for the first time. We hope you enjoy putting these new English greetings to use!

How do you say hi to a girl casually? ›

A simple “Hello” or “Hey” is always a great place to start. If you're greeting a girl who is more like one of your guy friends, bump fists with her or give her a playful nudge. If you two are close enough give her a hug, as physical touch can strengthen relationships.

Is hi or hey more casual? ›

Hey is a term that is casual and laid back. Hi is a word used to greet people of all ages. It is considered more formal than Hey though somewhat less formal than Hello.

What are the unique greetings? ›

From bumping noses in Qatar to bowing in Laos, here are 10 ways people greet each other in different countries and cultures.
  • Stick out your tongue. Tibet. ...
  • Bump noses. ...
  • Air kiss on the cheek. ...
  • Rub noses (and sometimes foreheads) ...
  • Shake hands. ...
  • Clap your hands. ...
  • Put your hand on your heart. ...
  • Bow.
8 Apr 2020

How do you say hello in 30 different ways? ›

Formal greetings are appropriate in most business situations or situations where transactions are occurring, such as at a store or in a restaurant.
How to Say Hello in Different Languages.
LanguageInformal GreetingFormal Greeting
GaelicHugDia dhuit
GermanHalloGuten tag
26 more rows
9 Jun 2019

How do you say hi naturally? ›

  1. Textbook: How are you?, How do you do?
  2. Real: How's it going?, How you doin'?, or How've you been?

What is an informal version of hello? ›

Hi. 'Hi' is an informal way to say 'hello'. English speakers often use it to greet their friends. However, they also use 'hi' to say 'hello' to people they don't know in an informal context.

What are simple greetings? ›

Good morning, Good afternoon, or Good evening

Keep in mind that “good night” is only used to say “good bye”, so if you meet someone late in the day, remember to greet them with “good evening”, rather than “good night”. Good morning can be made more casual by simply saying “morning”.

How do you greet in chat? ›

Formal ways to greet someone include: Hello. It's a pleasure to meet you. Good morning/afternoon/evening.
Some informal greetings:
  1. Hi.
  2. Hello.
  3. Hey.
  4. Yo!
  5. What's up? – this is an informal way to say: how are you?

What is more informal hi or hello? ›

Answer: HELLO is a word you use to show that you are happy to see or meet someone. For example: "Hello, my name is Tom and I'm the new kid." HI has the same meaning, but it is more informal.

Why is hi short for hello? ›

Hello didn't become "hi" until the telephone arrived. The dictionary says it was Thomas Edison who put hello into common usage. He urged the people who used his phone to say "hello" when answering. His rival, Alexander Graham Bell, thought the better word was "ahoy."

Is Hi all too informal? ›

If it's a group of people you know really well, you can use something more informal such as “Hi all,” “Hi team” or “Hi everyone.” If it's a small group of people (five or less), use their first names: Dear Sarah, Roxy and Chad.

How do I subtly seduce text? ›

  1. Compliment Him. If you think that guys are not interested in compliments about how handsome or cute they are, then you are wrong. ...
  2. Learn To Play With Words. When you are trying to seduce him, just words of praise is not enough. ...
  3. Avoid Sending Nude Photos. Sending nude photos can be done by anyone. ...
  4. Take The Lead.
29 May 2022

What to text to make him think of you? ›

Texts to make him miss you

Bring up those happy times, the vacations or holidays you have spent together. Send him pictures or music that you both have enjoyed together. All of us have small things that remind us of the other. Text him when you see or hear something that you think he would like or enjoy.

What are cute ways to flirt? ›

You might feel shy or awkward, but here are some ways to flirt with a guy that can help you get past these.
  1. Take his name. Sounds easy, right? ...
  2. Laugh at his jokes. ...
  3. Draw attention to your lips. ...
  4. Compliment him. ...
  5. Tease him. ...
  6. Draw attention to your body. ...
  7. Dance together. ...
  8. Listen carefully.
30 Sept 2021

How do I text the guy I like? ›

130 Flirty Texts to Send a Guy You Like
  1. Hey, stranger. ...
  2. Morning, you! ...
  3. What would you say if I asked you to come over right now?
  4. I'm making the first move when it comes to texting, so I'm expecting you to make the first move when it comes to kissing.
  5. This is me asking you out. ...
  6. Nobody gets me like you do.
9 Oct 2022

How do you tease a dry Texter? ›

Gauge his interest with a little flirting.

You could send a flirty emoji and tell him you're looking forward to seeing him, or send a compliment text. If he's interested in you, he'll probably flirt back or at least respond with something fun. Check out these examples: “You looked really cute last night.”

How can I be a good texter? ›

This guide to texting addresses the basics—write clearly; be yourself; be direct; double-check your text; follow up if you don't hear back; be careful with spell check and dictating; write out words, not emojis; and respond promptly.

What is an example of dry texting? ›

Avoid one-word answers. Stop asking closed Yes/No questions. Don't answer texts at the same time every day (be a bit unpredictable) Change between asking questions and telling short anecdotes.

What's another word to say hi? ›

Synonyms for Hello in Informal Writing

What's up? How's it going?

What is a fancy way to say hi? ›

What is another word for hello?
16 more rows

How do you say hi informal? ›

Informal Ways to Say Hello
  1. Hi. This may be one of the most common expressions that people use to greet each other in English these days. ...
  2. Hi There. Just a slight variation of the expression above. ...
  3. Morning. A more informal way of saying Good Morning. ...
  4. G'day. ...
  5. Howdy. ...
  6. Hey, What's Up? ...
  7. What's Going On? ...
  8. What's Happening?

What can I use instead of hi all? ›

The go-to tends to be “Hello Everyone,” but it's time to review this greeting and opt for an alternative instead.
The Alternatives
  • Good morning.
  • Good afternoon.
  • Good evening. These three greetings specify the time of day you're sending the email. ...
  • Hi team. ...
  • Greetings. ...
  • Regarding…
10 Jan 2022

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