Optimus Prime/Relationships (2024)

The relationships of Optimus Prime.


  • 1 Love Interests
    • 1.1 Elita-One (Girlfriend)
    • 1.2 Marissa Fairborne
  • 2 Autobots
    • 2.1 Ultra Magnus
    • 2.2 Bumblebee
    • 2.3 Ironhide
    • 2.4 Ratchet
    • 2.5 Jazz
    • 2.6 Arcee
    • 2.7 Dion
  • 3 Humans
    • 3.1 Original Series
      • 3.1.1 Spike Witwicky
      • 3.1.2 Carly Witwicky
    • 3.2 Film Series
      • 3.2.1 Sam Witwicky
      • 3.2.2 Mikaela Banes
      • 3.2.3 William Lennox
      • 3.2.4 Cade Yeager
      • 3.2.5 Charlotte Mearing
      • 3.2.6 Noah Diaz
      • 3.2.7 Elena Wallace
  • 4 Decepticons
    • 4.1 Megatron

Love Interests[]

Elita-One (Girlfriend)[]

Optimus Prime/Relationships (1)


Elita-One is Optimus Prime's female counterpart in every way, ruthless to her enemies and kind and protective of those who are weak. Before the Elita-One and Optimus were born Ariel and Orion and were lovers. They were in love and dedicated to each other, but she did protest his invitation to the Aerialbots to Earth. After being rebuilt, Optimus and Elita would remain in love, and she would often advise him on war and battle tactics. However, during one of the great battles in the Cybertronian War, Prime believed her and the other Femme Autobots to be dead until millions of years later, when the Decepticons discovered the Cybertronian females survived the war. Shockwave abducted Elita and held her hostage for the Decepticons to draw Optimus out. She tried to get to him but Starscream shot her down. They later took a captive Optimus and hung him over a vat of acid and force Elita to watch her lover perish. However she broke free and saved her lover, but nearly at the cost of her own life.

Prime later begged Alpha Trion to fix Elita but Trion stated he couldn't and only Optimus could. He later re-energized his lover, fully reviving her and they took out Decepticons together in order to save their friends and troops. After Elita was given her own base and dedication to the Cybertron war in space and Optimus' on Earth, the two lovers departed, but Elita told him not to stay too far away next time.

Marissa Fairborne[]


In the Generation One community, Marissa was a human girl with an affinity with the Transformers, especially Jazz and Optimus. In one timeline, in the Cyberverse, Optimus saved both Marissa and her father from Decepticons. At a young state of mind, Marissa viewed Optimus as a fatherly figure. However, when she matured into adulthood, Marissa developed romantic feelings for Prime. The relationship didn't last though, presumably due to complications.


Ultra Magnus[]

Brother/Best Friend

Ultra Magnus is Optimus' second-in-command and one of his most trusted friends. Unlike Megatron, Optimus' former brother, Magnus does not seek power or recognition. He just wants to fight along his brother's side


Optimus Prime/Relationships (2)

Close Friend/Surrogate son

Bumblebee...Your voice... I haven't heard it... Since Cybertron fell ...
―Optimus breaks free from Quintessa's control.

Bumblebee was one of the most loyal followers of Optimus Prime before the days of the Cybertronian War. Having mentored and raised Bumblebee from his younger years, Optimus became a fatherly figure for him and regard him as a son. As the autobots were forced to abandon Cybertron, Optimus put his faith in his scout and charged him with finding the location of a new base for their people (Bumblebee, 2018) the Allspark (2007 Transformers) and with the protection of Sam Witwicky and Cade Yeager.

Unfortunately, when Optimus was mind-control by Quintessa, as Nemesis Prime, any fatherly love Optimus had for Bumblebee was lost. Instead, Prime was ruthless to the Autobot he came to view as a son and stopped at nothing to destroy him. However, when he heard Bumblebee's voice for the first time in centuries, Quintessa's control over Optimus broke. Having heard his friend's voice in a long time, Prime came to regret his actions as Nemesis against both Bumblebee and his friends.


Optimus Prime/Relationships (3)

Best Friend

This is worse. Prime! Make something of yourself!... He's pissed.
―Ironhide about Optimus

Ironhide is one of Optimus Prime's closest friends, having known him before the fall of Cybertron, where they have fought side by side after every battle. Despite this, Prime sometimes acts as a parental figure/older brother. He can grow stern with Ironhide if the mech acts out of line. In the 2007 film, where Optimus told his soldier to take it easy when he pointed his cannons at Sam and Mikaela. He also scolded Ironhide for clicking the idea of blasting Sam's parents, reminding Ironhide they do not harm humans.

Ironhide is not afraid to speak out whenever Optimus is either being too stubborn or hot-tempered. In Dark of the Moon, Ironhide hit him on the top of his head when he was in his truck form instead of conversing with Charlotte Mearing. However, during the first battle in Dark of the Moon, Ironhide was killed by Sentinel Prime, Optimus' former mentor who had turned against the Autobots. Unfortunately, he could not make it in time to save his friend from his death. Deeply affected, Optimus and the other Autobots devised a plan to defeat the Decepticons and save the Earth.


Optimus Prime/Relationships (4)

Best Friend

That's suicide. The Cube is raw power. It could destroy you both.
―Ratchet showing concern for Optimus' decision to destroy the Cube and himself.

Ratchet is Optimus Prime's chief medical officer. According to several films, comic books and the 2010 animated series Transformers Prime, Ratchet has known Prime before his transformation from Orion Pax into Optimus Prime. They have a mutual respect for each other and value each other's friendships, often referring to Ratchet as an old friend. However, Prime does have his limits about Ratchet's behavior, especially his initial judgement and somewhat distrust towards humans.

Optimus Prime/Relationships (5)

In Prime, Ratchet and Optimus have had the longest friendship in the series, having been best friends since Optimus was simply Orion Pax. Ratchet resented living on another planet, as well as being the most adamant that Jack and his friends stayed off of the Autobot Base. However, Prime said they had to protect Miko, Jack and Raf from the Decepticons, with Optimus simply stated they could become easy targets. Despite this, Optimus trusts his old friend's judgement, while respecting Ratchet with his medical skills. When Optimus sacrificed himself to stop Unicron, Ratchet mourned his friend's seeming demise.

In the Transformers film series, Optimus and Ratchet met before the fall of Cybertron, along with knowing Ironhide, Megatron and Bumblebee. Optimus learned of Ratchet's death at the hands of Lockdown in the fourth film Age of Extinction. Optimus was angered and made the lockdown one of his arch-enemies. It only worsened when Optimus and other Autobot witnessed the humans at KSI melting down Ratchet's corpse for parts sending Optimus on an emotional rampage.


Optimus Prime/Relationships (6)

Lieutenant/Close Friend

Oh, Jazz. We lost a great comrade[...]
―Optimus on losing Jazz.

Jazz was one of Optimus Prime's closest friends and has made him a first lieutenant in the ranks of the Autobot army. They first met in Iacon City, when Optimus Prime was Orion Pax. In the cartoon series, However, because of Optimus' dislike of rap music (something Jazz values), it puts them at odd because Jazz likes this type of singing.

In the live-action film, after Jazz was killed by Megatron, Optimus expressed sorrow at losing a comrade. According to the novelization, Optimus authorized the humans to give him a navy burial at sea.


Close Friend/Daughter Figure

Arcee is the only female teammate on his team and she is often Prime's go-to woman on situations. They usually consult each other when the other is lost and can relate to each other the most due to shared emotions and feelings. They have a strong platonic relationship that can be described as a father-daughter bond.

When her partner, Cliffjumper was murdered by Starscream, Arcee was infuriated. Optimus warned Arcee to not let vengeance guide her emotions. In "Scrapheap," Optimus and Arcee ventured to explore more about their Arctic find. However they couldn't get there ground bridge, leaving them stranded there and nearly dying. When they thought it was their final moments, Optimus and Arcee showed their comfort for each other and how they valued each other as friends. Arcee has shown she is a loyal follower of Optimus, even when she believes them to be her final moments.

In Sick Mind, Arcee told Ratchet she would risk her own life for Optimus anytime, anywhere. When Prime was amnesiac and brainwashed by Megatron for sacrificing himself to destroy Unicron's core, Arcee didn't believe him to be completely gone. After Jack Darby restored Optimus' original persona, Arcee was glad to see her old friend returned to his senses.


Best Friend

Back when Optimus was Orion, he befriended a dockworker, Dion, who eventually became his best friend. They met at least 9 million years ago when they were both working at the same dock. Orion was struck down by Megatron, alongside Ariel and another friend. Dion tried to reach his friends' side; however, the Decepticon soldiers shot him down. It is unknown how Optimus would have reacted, but would feel devastated at the loss of a friend. Unlike both Ariel and Orion who were reborn into Elita One and Optimus Prime, Dion was never reconstructed.



Humanity is one of the most important ideas that Optimus Prime holds dear and considers them equals. He loves humans as if they were his own childrenOf course, he was temporarily disillusioned with the humans when they set a trap for him and hunted down and killed most of his friends and family. However, after Optimus' adventure with the Yeagers and Shane Dyson, he learned to love humanity again and chose to defend the Earth and her children. Optimus has a group of friends, supporters and allies within the television series, the live-action films and the comics.

Original Series[]

Spike Witwicky[]

Optimus Prime/Relationships (7)

Close Friend

In the original cartoon series, Optimus Prime first met Spike Witwicky when he rescued him and his father, Sparkplug, from Decepticons. Over the years, Prime values his friendship, almost acting as a father figure for Spike, such as affectionately ruffling his hair, playing basketball with him for the first time (for Optimus' anyways) and comforting him when he expressed saves over Skyfire's first death. In "Desertion of the Dinobots, Part 2" Optimus made Spike and Carly an honorary Autobots. By the time of the animated film, Spike had become an ambassador for the Autobots. Spike Witwicky and his family were saddened by the loss of an old friend.

Carly Witwicky[]

Optimus Prime/Relationships (8)

Close Friend

Optimus first met Carly when she followed Spike and Bumblebee to the Autobot Base and became one of his closest human friends. He seems to value her as well because of his positive reaction towards humanity and her relationship with Spike and Bumblebee. In "Desertion of the Dinobots, Part 2" Carly and Spike went to the ruins of Cybertron to retrieve cybertonium, an element the Autobots and the Decepticons need, to repair their friends. It was a perilous journey, and showed both Carly and Spike willing to risk anything to save their friends. Knowing of their actions, Optimus made her (and Spike) an honorary member of the Autobots for their sacrifices and the depths they're willing to go.

Film Series[]

Sam Witwicky[]

Optimus Prime/Relationships (9)
Sam, I owe you my life. We are in your debt.
―Optimus to Sam

Close Friend

Optimus Prime was the second Autobot Sam ever met, but still sent Bumblebee to watch over him. Despite just meeting Sam, Optimus tried to save him and his girlfriend, Mikaela from Sector Seven agents, but he couldn't stop them or help Bumblebee a second time out of fear of harming those humans. When he would save him from Megatron with the AllSpark, Prime thanked the teen for saving him and has regarded Sam as a friend ever since.

At least two years after the battle of Mission City, Optimus turned for Sam to help in representing the Autobots to the Humans. However, Sam refused to fight in a war that was not his. Later that week, Megatron abducted Sam, Mikaela and Leo to draw Prime out. Optimus was furious to see what Megatron tried to do to Sam and saved the boy yet again, and his friends. Despite Megatron temporarily succeeded at killing off his old foe, Sam resurrected Optimus several days later out of guilt, for Optimus died protecting him. Awakened at last, Optimus thanked Sam for saving his life yet again.

Mikaela Banes[]

Optimus Prime/Relationships (10)


Optimus Prime was the second Autobot both Mikaela and Sam ever met, but still sent Bumblebee to watch over the latter. Despite just meeting the teenagers, he saved the two from Sector Seven agents. However, Optimus couldn't stop Sector Seven from taking the children again, or help Bumblebee a second time out of fear of harming those humans. Though his relationship with Mikaela is not as close with Sam, Prime regarded her for her bravery by helping Bumblebee out on the battlefield in the battle of Mission City.

William Lennox[]

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Cade Yeager[]

Optimus Prime/Relationships (11)
Optimus Prime: Cade, I have failed you. I have doomed earth. Earth, the only place in the universe whose people let me call it home.
Cade Yeager: Only you can make it right, Prime. I can't do it without you.
―Cade and Optimus Prime

Close Friend

Cade Yeager didn't know he bought an autobot when he found an abandoned Peterbilt truck. While Cade was fixing the truck, he learned it wasn't an ordinary vehicle but an Autobot. Despite a somewhat tense relationship, both Optimus and Cade bonded over their status as parents and how challenging it was to deal with insubordinate teenagers. Their adventure changes them both: Cade admires Optimus and the other Autobots, preferring their company against humans. Optimus learned to love humanity again and chose to defend them. During the Battle in Hong Kong, Optimus killed Attinger just as he was about to execute Cade. This not only saved his life but further solified their friendship.

Optimus Prime/Relationships (12)

At least three years later, Optimus and Cade met again during dire consequences. During his time as Nemesis Prime, any friendship Optimus felt with Cade was gone, vowing to destroy him. It was Cade who noticed Optimus was not in his right state of mind. Nemesis tried to destroy both Cade and Bumblebee, until Bumblebee spoke for the first time, waking Prime up from his daydream. After he was freed from his brainwashing, Optimus realized what he had done to his friends in this state of mind. As the guardians knights prepared to execute Prime for submitting to Quintessa, Cade went to defend Optimus, activating the Knight talisman and drawing the sword. Guilt-ridden, Optimus apologized for falling Cade and how he treated him. However, instead of being angry, Cade helped Optimus yet again and to get back up again, showing faith in Prime once again.

Charlotte Mearing[]


Through operations on Earth, Optimus first met Charlotte Mearing on one occasion. When he met her a second time. Despite their strained relationship, Mearing remains civil with Optimus Prime and the other Autobots. When Optimus met her a second time, Prime refused to speak with her, believing that that humans like her have been lying to them for years after discovering their covers during the mission to the Moon. However, Mearing sees the Autobots' presence on Earth for a necessity and revealed her anger to them when Sentinel killed Ironhide, betrayed the Autobots, and attacked the NEST base, meaning meaningless lives were at stake. However, Charlotte is not harsh with Optimus, Sam or their allies as much as Director Galloway was and helps the heroes of the film .

Noah Diaz[]

Optimus Prime/Relationships (13)

Close Friends

Noah is Optimus's closest human friend/ ally in the Reboot franchise.

Elena Wallace[]



Optimus Prime/Relationships (14)
Humans don't deserve to live."
"They deserve to choose for themselves."
"Then you will die- with them! Join them in extinction!
―Megatron mocks Optimus's love for humans

Arch-enemy/Former Brother

There has been a long-standing rivalry between Megatron and Optimus Prime. Before the fall of Cybertron, when Optimus Prime was Orion Pax, the two immediately bonded and considered each other brothers once. They both ruled Cybertron together, under Sentinel Prime's teachings. However, Megatronus always felt somewhat jealous of Optimus, and they had different views. His jealousy of Orion became true when he learned that his adoptive brother was descended from the Dynasty of Primes and gained Sentinel's favoritism. After being corrupted by the Fallen, Megatronus shortened his name to Megatron and betrayed whatever trust and brotherhood he and Optimus had left. For the next millennium, the two former brothers fight from two sides of the Cybertronian war, Optimus as leader of the Autobots and Megatron as leader of the Decepticons.

When they came to Earth, Megatron's hatred for Optimus and the Autobots enhanced. Noticing his former brother's love for humanity, Megatron finds ways to use this strength against Prime. He will mock Optimus for his ideas that humans have the right to chose their own path. To prove his point, in Transformers Prime< Megatron abducted Optimus' human friends, Miko Jack and Rafael, In the original film, Optimus revealed his heartbreak when Megatron betrayed them when he was corrupted by the fallen. Though he fought his former comrade, Prime tried getting Sam to plunge the AllSpark, with the possibility of not killing his fallen brother. However, in Dark of the Moon, this was not the case. Megatron saved Prime from dying at the hands of Sentinel Prime, Megatron proposed an alliance with Optimus and restored Cybertron, as long as he ruled it. However, no longer remembering the brotherhood they once shared, Optimus killed his former ally, because he knew better than to trust Megatron's deception. Years later, Megatron took pleasure in the thought of depleting the Earth of her resources. During their second confrontation since Megatron's second resurrection, Megatron reminded Optimus of their previous relationship, but this did not stop him from trying to kill his former brother. However, Megatron was killed by Optimus for a third and final time.

Of course, there are versions where Megatron and Optimus put aside their differences, though rarely are genuine about it. In the novelization for Dark of the Moon, Megatron realizes the error of his ways and decides to leave Earth with the Decepticons (while in the film, Optimus merely kills him), hoping to one day rebuild Cybertron with Optimus, this time as brothers. In the Aligned Continuity, Megatron manipulated an amnesiac Optimus Prime during his days as Orion Pax and convinced him the Autobots were evil. However, his hold over Prime comes to a close when Jackson Darby uses the Vector Sigma to reinstate Optimus' right state of mind. Eventually, Megatron grows tired of his fights with Optimus and disbands the Decepticons', rendering their cause meaningless and unfruitful. The IDW comics also show another side to their relationship, as Megatron gradually disillusioned with the Decepticons and defected to the Autobots' side, officially reconciling with his brother. Of course, this is an alternate timeline and does not usually stick.

Optimus Prime/Relationships (2024)
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