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If I were a superhero, I will be a time stop person. I need this skill because I have to do everyday tasks, complete my assignment and homework, play, and spend time with my friends, so I do not get enough time, and I need that skill. My greatest motivation is to the Lord. I want my roots to come from the heavens. I like the power to heal men. I just do not want to be invisible or flyable. Instead, I would like the powers to physically and psychologically cure others. This is a mindset which I believe to be useful to the world and which will lead to beneficial changes.

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The goal of a superhero generally is to do good works and help others. There are various ways a person with special powers could achieve this feat. Though I believe it would suit me better to have the ability to heal people. Having power does not allow me to wear any extravagant outfits or costumes. Rather, I guess I had to dress like anyone else so as not to differentiate myself from others. It can be harmful to show our abilities off to the world because it will give you a big ego. If I have ever acquired this talent, I hope I can use it to the best of my ability.

I recognize why we all want to get greedy for more because people have tremendous forces and can exploit it. This straightforward and minimal skill would be easy to carry out. It could be done easily and would remain who I was but would most likely protect my gift cautiously from others’ prying curiosities.

My Dad- my superhero

My father is a lifelong friend of mine. I love my Dad a lot. There was not even a single day on which he did not care about me. My father takes special care to make sure I am healthy and helpful. If I am ill, he stumbles and continues to worry until I become all right again. Only in those moments did I know the deep love that he has for me. Just a handful of people in our lives help us to lead a happier life. But one father is the only one working hard for the family’s goodness. If in this universe there can be a SuperHero, it is my Dad, and there is no one who can replace him.

My father is a special personality who can inspire others with ease. I love the attitude of my father. From my Dad, I learned a positive attitude. He’s concerned about our learning about our wellbeing and happiness. He continues to work without breaks every day; all I know is that he continues to do so is that he can earn more so that we will all be satisfied.

My father taught me to see flaws as the road to success. I haven’t even seen him depressed in a single day. He’s my role model, and I enjoy living by his values.

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Spiderman My Superhero

We all hear about Spiderman, the great Hero. So many fans are there for the Superhero Spiderman. My friends and I am the huge fan and admirer of Spiderman. We love Spiderman because he is a Super Hero with original powers and saves lives. Spiderman still protects the city and people in it, with all his abilities. Spiderman defeats all evildoers and wicked people, and they very much fear Spiderman. Spiderman ‘s strength is remarkable and inspiring. While Spiderman is, in fact, a nerdy young man, he has gained fame for his Super Power and the good deeds he has done to the people with his great strength. I adore Spiderman a lot. He is a Superhero of mine.

Spiderman is a fast-paced superhero. He can travel from one spot to another so rapidly using his Web-slinging ability, which no other normal human can do. When wicked people are threatening people at the right moment, Spiderman rescues them. While the villains may be powerful, Spiderman has never stopped doing the right thing. Spiderman risked all his might and strength to stand alongside good people.

That’s enough to let us impress. His powers and actions are so interesting that he still encourages me to support others, to do good to others, and to stand up to evildoers.

What will I do if I will be a superhero?

Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Thor, Hal Jordan, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Wally West, Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Wolverine, Iron Man, Super Lady, Hercules and several more prevail in the universe. The infant, teenager or adult will still think of the powers they see in the films and have these perceptions like-

If I were a Superhero, I would hire the spider man’s powers and own the spot. I would be busy taking photos of the city from distinct viewpoints to get an amazing experience with no restraints.

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If I were a Super Hero, I would have recruited a clown of me, who would play with me, go to school on my side, do my homework, and blame himself for my mistakes.

If I were a Super Hero, I would be a wizard, turn the entire universe into a Harry Potter show, and celebrate every magic universe movement.


The lessons that superheroes can teach us are not limited to telling stories and drawings but are limited to moral decisions and right and wrong, good vs. evil. I want them to know that an evil deed never goes unpunished, and one person can make a difference. I want them to know that superheroes are just as strong as the people who make them, and maybe there is a superhero in us all. To let us all find the real hidden power within ourselves and generate a superhero within us. Superheroes are not born by birth; they are made by immense labor and hard work. So focus on hard work one day you will become the superhero of others. Are you looking for original essays on similar topics? You are not alone, SmartWritingService and its essay writers for hire will help with your papers on different superhero topics.

There are many super heroes prevailing in the world like Superman, Batman, Spider Man, Thor, Hal Jorden, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Wally West, Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Wolverine, Iron Man, Super Girl, Hercules and many more. The child, teenager or adult would always think of powers like they see in the movies and have perceptions like:

  • If I was a SuperHero, I would hire the powers of spider man and would own that place. I would be busy in taking photographs of the city from different angles to get incredible experience without any restrictions.
  • If I was a Super Hero, I would hire the powers of Goku from dragon Ball Z, keeping two fingers on the forehead, thinking about the place I want to explore and would have been there in few seconds.
  • If I was a Super Hero, I would hire have made a clown of me, who would play with me, go to school on behalf of me, do my homework, take my mistakes blame on himself.
  • If I was a Super Hero, I would regenerate the planet earth and eliminate the earth from global warming and convert the saline water into fresh water so that we can use as much as we can.
  • If I was a Super Hero, I would be a magician and change the whole world into a Harry Potter series and enjoyed every movement of magic world.
  • If I was a Super Hero, I would be having the power to change the season and have fun to enjoy every weather in any season.

If I was a Super Hero, I would have powers of flying and be around people to help them and be saving to everyone and look alike. I would be having no specific uniform or if there is than it would be as simple as school uniform. I would have gone to the Island to spend time alone-away from everyone in peace.

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Some people only focus to help others and if they were superhero, they would have the ability to heal the illness of the world with the help of music and rescue people from death.

They would also cure the diseases like Aids, cancer, tumor and many other harmful diseases and not to pay the millions of rupees to the hospitals, especially for the poor families.

If I were having super powers I would turn myself into a super hero. I would not be a super villain whose only purpose is to hurt people and take over the world. I do not want the responsibility to rule people like a King but want to prevail democracy in the world because it’s not my cup of tea. If I were a Super Hero, I would have eliminated the Dharma and the varieties of castes prevailing in the world.

If I was a Super Hero, I would have changed the constitution of India to a better one and the major focus will be on the rapist. He would be given direct death and no imprisonment for life. The super hero will be having ability to fight crime and rescue all the criminals around the world to bring peace and harmony in the whole world.

I would also choose super speed faster than the bullet so that no one can shoot me and I would reach the places not in minutes but in seconds. These powers would help me to fight many people at a time and to fight in various angles to gain victory.

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Last but not the least, I would purely want to be a child again who would never grow up and enjoy the childhood till end of the life…

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What would I do if I were a superhero? ›

If I were a superhero, I would save everyone from attacks, bullying and many other things. I would also sacrifice my life to save somebody who is in danger. I would also stop criminals and villains from entering the city or country or from doing any harm or damage to the city.

How do you start a superhero essay? ›

  1. Introduction. ...
  2. First, create a name for your hero. ...
  3. Leave notes with interesting ideas. ...
  4. Regarding how to start a superhero story, you should understand that each superhero requires a villain in order to make the story more interesting. ...
  5. Create a backstory for all the characters.
Jul 8, 2019

What is your idea of a superhero? ›

A superhero is a person who does heroic deeds and has the ability to do them in a way that a normal person couldn't. So in order to be a superhero, you need a power that is more exceptional than any power a normal human being could possess, and you need to use that power to accomplish good deeds.

What is a superhero summary? ›

A superhero is a character with extraordinary powers that performs heroic actions. Unlike police, firefighters or doctors, all of whom are heroes in their own right, superheroes are defined by their unique capabilities, such flight, strength, speed or invincibility (to name a few).

What is an example of a superhero? ›

Long-running superheroes and superheroines such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, Captain America, and Iron Man have a rogues gallery of many such villains.

What if I were a Superman? ›

If I were a superman I would make the world a better place. The first thing I would with the superpower would be plant plenty of trees, first in Indian cities and then all across the world where the forest cover has reduced. It would reduce the problem of pollution and global warming.

How do you introduce a superhero? ›

Introduce a character by showing him saying something — or even better, doing something — that shows how he usually feels and behaves, and you'll help the reader understand the most important things about him. And you'll help yourself tell the character's story. David Seidman has written, edited, and marketed comics.

Who are your favorite superheroes? ›

America's top ten favorite superheroes
  • Superman.
  • Spider-Man.
  • Batman.
  • Captain America.
  • Iron Man.
  • Wonder Woman.
  • Aquaman.
  • Captain Marvel.
Mar 11, 2020

Who is the superhero in the world? ›

The world's favourite superhero
RankSuperhero% Share in Study
2Wonder Woman12.8%
4Iron Man8.5%
6 more rows
Apr 13, 2021

Who is the best superhero? ›

Top 20 Superheroes Of All Time
  • #8: Green Lantern. ...
  • #7: Captain America. ...
  • #6: Wonder Woman. ...
  • #5: Iron Man. ...
  • #4: Wolverine. ...
  • #3: Superman. ...
  • #2: Spider-Man. ...
  • #1: Batman. It was a tough decision, but taking the top spot is the Dark Knight.

What are the qualities of super hero? ›

Be a superhero: 4 characteristics that will fuel your personal...
  • Extraordinary ability.
  • Moral conviction.
  • Great courage.
  • A mission to serve.
Aug 17, 2015

Why do we love superheroes? ›

Robin Rosenberg, a clinical psychologist, suggested that superheroes allow us to find “meaning in loss and trauma, discovering our strengths and using them for a good purpose.” Many heroes have their own personal problems they deal with, along with the responsibility of protecting/saving the world.

Who was the first super hero? ›

DC Comics introduced the first costumed superhero, Superman, in Action Comics #1 (June 1938).

What is a good name for a superhero? ›

Superhero Names for Guys
Cast IronFireballPolar Bear
TurbulenceMakoCaptain Victory
16 more rows
Feb 11, 2022

What are the 5 main superpowers? ›

China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States are often referred to as great powers by academics due to "their political and economic dominance of the global arena". These five nations are the only states to have permanent seats with veto power on the UN Security Council.

Is Super hero one word? ›

4) SUPER HERO IS TWO WORDS; SUPER-VILLAIN IS TWO WORDS WITH A DASH. This all goes back to the joint trademark that Marvel and DC have on the terms super hero and super-villain—in their case, it's super-hero and super villain.

Why is Superman a hero? ›

Superman is a real hero because he saves a lot of people with his special powers. He is the strongest man in the world. He also has to fight with criminals who are after his powers. That's why he is a big hero for a lot of people.

Why I would like to be a Superman? ›

While they are nice, the real reason I want to become Superman is because of the impact he can make on the world. As a boy I was always drawn to Superman because he was the ideal superhero, strong, saving lives, and down to earth, but as I grew older I understood more and more about Superman as a character.

Why did you choose Superman? ›

Superman is my favorite superhero because he is a man of good morals, a humanitarian, and he is privileged with good looks and special powers. Superman is my favorite superhero because he possessed great superpowers such…show more content… He rescues civilian and saves the world from crisis and from villains.

How do you start a hero story? ›

How to Write a Story About a Hero
  1. Know what is heroic. ...
  2. Begin humbly. ...
  3. Create great obstacles. ...
  4. Create a compelling villain. ...
  5. Create worthy goals. ...
  6. Populate your story with friends and guides. ...
  7. Give your hero a flaw. ...
  8. Create an "all is lost" moment.

How can I make my own superhero? ›

How to Design Your Own Superhero - YouTube

How do you start a superhero origin? ›

The 3 Kinds of Superhero ORIGIN STORIES! || Comic Misconceptions

What is the best superhero and why? ›

Thor. The God of Thunder is one of the greatest superheroes of all time and here's why. The man is a God who does everything in his power to keep peace across the Nine Realms. He is the son to arguably the most powerful character in Marvel comics, Odin and wields one of the Universe's greatest weapons in Mjolnir.

Who is the most liked superhero? ›

If you go by at least one analysis of the past year's Google search data, that hero is Spider-Man. According to online entertainment retailer Zavvi, the web slinger is the world's most popular superhero with more than 5 million average searches per month.

Who is India's super hero? ›

Among some of the popular superheroes are: Nagraj, Dhruv, Doga, Parmanu, Shakti, Bhokal, Bheriya, Tiranga, Inspector Steel, Anthony, Super Indian and Shaktimaan.

Who is India first superhero? ›

Hrithik was born to yesteryear Bollywood actors Rakesh and Pinky Roshan on January 10, 1974. As a child, Hrithik worked in many films as a child artist. His first film as a child was Aap Ke Deewane (1980), directed by his father. Then he essayed the role of a young dancer in Aasha (1980).

Who is the most human superhero? ›

The Punisher (Frank Castle)

Punisher is arguably one of Marvel's most impressive humans. He's taken (and dished out) more pain than almost anyone, and his ability to survive and to overcome obstacles that would make most men shake in their boots place him squarely in the ranks of the greatest human heroes of all time.

Who is the biggest superhero? ›

The World's Most Popular Superheroes
  • Spider-Man (5,100,000 average monthly Google searches)
  • Batman (3,400,000 average monthly Google searches)
  • Superman (2,000,000 average monthly Google searches)
  • Captain America (1,900,000 average monthly Google searches)
  • Hulk (1,800,000 average monthly Google searches)
Apr 29, 2022

Who is the fastest superhero? ›


Quicksilver…the man many believe to be Marvel's answer to DC's The Flash. Quicksilver, as his name implies, is really fast. His speed has been estimated well over 8500 miles per hours. To put that into perspective, even the fastest car in the world is only capable of achieving speeds of 301 miles per hour.

How do you write a superhero? ›

Decide what type of superhero to create, such as whether the hero will be human or some type of creature. Give the human character a backstory, a day job and other humans to interact with. Include the backstory in the first chapter of your novel or in flashbacks throughout the novel to develop your character.

What is a superpower hero? ›

A superpower is a currently fictional superhuman ability. Superpowers are typically displayed in science fiction comic books, television programs, video games, and films as the key attribute of a superhero.

Why are superheroes so cool? ›

Superheroes are meant to inspire. They represent someone we are not, or someone that can do things that we can't. They can provide an escape into a world where someone is there for us even when our protectors or our medical and social institutions have let us down.

Why do I like superhero movies? ›

While part of the appeal of superhero films is their fantastical aspect, which we can use as a form of escapism from the troubles we face in reality, superhero films are also popular because of the opposite: they mirror the human experience and that makes them more relatable and closer to home.

Why are heroes so popular? ›

They tell stories in which powerless, average people somehow acquire a special capacity that makes them undeniably significant, individual and impervious to assault. Thus empowered, they can fight the world and win, sometimes with the help of others who are similarly gifted.

Who made superheroes? ›

Created by Lee Falk (USA), the first superhero was The Phantom, who debuted in his own newspaper comic strip on 17 Feb 1936.

Who was the first girl superhero? ›

No, the FIRST female superhero was Miss Fury, created, written, and drawn by Tarpé Mills, who also happened to be a woman. June Tarpé Mills was born in Brooklyn in 1912 or 1918, depending on the source.

Are superheroes real? ›

Real-life superheroes are notably prevalent in the USA compared to other countries, which may be attributed to the greater popularity of superhero comic books. One of the earliest examples of a RLSH was California's Richard Allen Pesta, alias Captain Sticky.

Who is the strongest superhero in India? ›

1. Shaktimaan. Shaktimaan attained his heroic powers through deep meditation and was capable of activating certain chakras which gave him powers.

What are my superhero colors? ›

The Superhero Color Theory
  • RED – bold, energetic, passionate, determined.
  • ORANGE – enthusiastic, potent, heat, humor.
  • YELLOW – attentive, safe, energetic, ostentatious.
  • GREEN – nature, growth, safe, harmonious, mystic.
  • BLUE – deep, stable, knowing, trust-worthy, confident.
  • PURPLE – royal, knowledgeable, untouchable, creative.
Aug 2, 2017

What superpower would you most like to have and why? ›

8 Superpowers That I Would Love to Have ...
  • Flight.
  • Telepathy.
  • Super Speed.
  • Invisibility.
  • Talking to Animals.
  • Intangibility.
  • Force Field.
  • Super Smart.

Could have any superpower which one would you want and why? ›

“The superpower that I want is the ability to fly. I'd save those in danger when travelling by air. I would use this power to immediately respond to any emergency situation, without being bothered by any traffic in the streets. I also want to see the beauty of the world.”

What is your super power? ›

A person's super power is their particular genius: the specific, unique and specialized skill that they bring to the workplace.

How do u become a superhero? ›

Here are some of the elements of the superhero mentality:
  1. Superheroes want to do good for others. They want to be of service.
  2. Superheroes take initiative. ...
  3. Superheroes have confidence in their abilities and their own competence.
  4. Superheroes believe that they can accomplish anything that they set out to do.

What is a cool superpower? ›

The Coolest Superpowers

If your character has permanent invisibility, then they really don't need clothes at all (unless they want to be seen). Phasing: The ability to pass through solid objects can be one of the most useful superpowers a person can have.

Why flying is the best superpower? ›

Flight, Flight is better than any other superpower because, it can transport you faster than any other superpower. There are two different types of flight, the most common one is buoyant flight. Buoyant flight is a human constructed creation which is lighter than air like a blimp.

What's your superpower again I'm rich? ›

What are your superpowers again? Bruce Wayne : I'm rich.

Is it possible to get super powers? ›

No such gene exists in humans, and we simply don't know enough about the genetic potential of our genes to produce superhuman abilities. We do know that some humans already possess abilities that appear like superhuman powers.

What are my superpowers at work? ›

Superpowers At Work

They range from empathy—a strong ability to understand client/user/team needs—to systems thinking—understanding all of the pieces of a process—to creative thinking, grit, and decisiveness, among others.

What are the 5 great powers? ›

China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States are often referred to as great powers by academics due to "their political and economic dominance of the global arena". These five nations are the only states to have permanent seats with veto power on the UN Security Council.

How do you answer the question about superpower? ›

Select a superpower that is simple but effective and aligns with your biggest strength. This helps ensure your answer focuses on your strengths rather than the superpower itself. Choose a strong superpower that requires no extra context as to how it works. For example, choose something like flying or X-ray vision.

Is leadership a superpower? ›

A leader's “superpower” is their most positive and impactful personality asset. It is the part of them that influences, persuades and inspires others to follow.

How do you become a superhero for kids? ›

Ten Rules of Being a Superhero - Kids Books Read Aloud - YouTube

Is super hero real? ›

Real-life superheroes are notably prevalent in the USA compared to other countries, which may be attributed to the greater popularity of superhero comic books. One of the earliest examples of a RLSH was California's Richard Allen Pesta, alias Captain Sticky.

How do I give my character superpowers? ›

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  1. Make them wander into a lab and spill some chemicals on themselves.
  2. Subject them to otherwise deadly radiation.
  3. Have them struck by lightning.
  4. Have them bitten by a spider. ...
  5. Give them cybernetic augmentations.
  6. Test that new brand of Super Serum on them. ...
  7. Give them something to compensate for a disability.


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