Best excuses for taking one day leave from office (2024)

Zzzzzzzzzz… No, I don’t want to go office! You said in your mind. Don’t know what to tell the boss? Raise your hand. We are here to help you.

It’s all cozy and warm and you are sleeping in your bed when alarm starts ringing. Why? It’s time to go to the office now.

No one understand the pain of your work. But we feel. We can understand how cruel your boss can be.

Remember the day when you are in college. You have right to bunk your office and play your favorites.

Don’t be afraid. This sophisticated leave ideas can not makes your boss that you are lying.

Just like everyone, I still remember my first job which I hated, thinking of many ways that I could escape work. Now, things changed but the habit continued for a while. This is same like enjoying stealing apples from our neighborhood more than being served by our parents. Fun is no different.

Most of people take this subject very lightly. Taking one day off is probably good for breaking the monotony of work and way of increasing your efficiency at work.

So let’s start with the list of excuse and see what are the most often and good looking excuse you can use.

1) Sir, I am not well today. I am Sick

Use this common dialogue generations by generations for calling in sick works without thinking anything. Just like have a slight fever and need to rest today, otherwise, it can turn serious.

Or, Due to eating at a new place, had food poisoning and vomiting a lot or may be an allergic reaction with some food. So, went to the hospital.

It is almost traditional and very effective and easy way of approaching.

2) I have an dentist appointment

You can not miss this appointment and also this can not be rescheduled because doctor is very busy this week and this is very paining.

Or, a visit to a doctor or some appointment at government office which are scheduled but cannot be missed. May this be a good reason to take a day off

3) Family member is not well

Most of the cases, your boss would like to take care of your family member by grant a leave. Because, wife, kid and parents deserves your time. So, there is no harm in asking for.

Like, “Hello Sir, I don’t think I’ll be able to make it to office today because my little child is very sick”. Don’t have children? You can use spouse for the same.

4) Parent’s doctor appointment

Parents may be probably old and old people have a lot of diseases.
Hence doctor appointments! So, you need to take your father/mother to their doctor’s appointment. Who else is available for the job? Only you left.

5) Virtual relative’s death

Are you crossing the line here? Don’t take this too seriously.
Don’t hesitate to create a non existent old distant relative and make him dead due to natural causes.

6) Stuck in traffic! What to do

Some traffic jams are really terrific and it is better to move back rather than wasting more time. Better to take a day off.

7) Adverse House Situations

Your apartment floor got flooded and you caught up fight with your neighbor. This is an embarrassing muddle. Your boss won’t mind for your absence.

8) Purchasing important things

Buying a new apartment or completing the papers? These things involves long time and this is not harmful in asking for. This is your first priority.

9) Bad Weather

It makes sense to take a day off in adverse weather conditions. Boss will understand this situations and their implications.

10) Daycare child Problems

This can happen somehow when you can not leave your children back at home as the babysitter has not shown up. What to do now?

11) Work At Home

You have some important work to do at home and this is not different with others. Oh! I need to go with plumber, electrician, or other household stuff.

Or, you have an unexpected work at charity or mission which you relate.

12) Bike/Car breakdown

A visit to garage can suck your whole day as your bike or car can broke down in the middle of the way and as a result you got late.

For a day leave, your car or bike has to be impounded by traffic police.

13) Relative’s wedding

Your distance cousin is getting married and you can’t afford to miss that. Actually he came home to invite me personally.

14) Flu

This is a best way to get an off for good amount of days and your boss would not mind asking you not to come in office.

15) Exam preparation

Tomorrow is your day for management course and in the busy office schedule you couldn’t complete your studies.
You deserve it. Boss won’t mind to give you a day off for one day.

16) Why relative’s come?

Relatives or friends do visit home often and this happens without any prior intimation. Need to stay at home today.

Like, you got family gathering at home and your wife need you for help.

17) Slipped in bathroom

I can’t! I slipped in bathroom this morning. What to say! I had a knee injury. I don’t think I will be able to come on today.

18) Leaving town urgently

Something urgent has come up. Actually I have to leave immediately out of town. Really? For what? Actually, it is related to our family, relatives or property matter.

19) Visiting school

Sometime, you need to visit your children’s school and they need your presence too. Your son is not concentrating on studies and the class teacher called you for coming. Need to discuss face to face. This is most important and you can not miss at all. You need a day off.

20) Got back late on last night :Zzz

Too tired! Got back very ate last night as you are out of town and didn’t manage to come back early. Actually, you need a rest.

21) Eye infection

You are having red eyes since you woke up. This may be an eye infection.
You are having difficulties in watching television or mobile screen.
You better need a day off.

22) Train not on time

Don’t waste you time. It’s better to go back home and relax. You know you can not reach in time. Actually, your train got late and you just reached home. Describe the situation to your boss and he won’t mind giving you a day off.

23) Accident

Just imagine, you had an accident with your vehicle and as a result and slightly injured a walking person on the road. You need to take him to the hospital and can’t leave him until he is treated.

24) No Conveyance

Just missed a bus or a train! And now I need to wait for one hour. Either, you can take a leave or reach late in office.

25) Loss or theft

Your wallet is lost or misplaced? This is very important and you can’t move without them. Who knows! ATM cards and license will be one of them.

This list of excuses for being absent may help you give pointers but, the creativity part would always be remain yours.

Now, feel that job is a serious thing and this should be your excuse. A bad excuse can reflects very poorly on your personality or career and can hamper your growth to high.

Thinking your boss to be a fool or dumb is a bad thinking in itself and one should always limit the use of excuses.

Good Luck with your excuse :)

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Best excuses for taking one day leave from office (2024)
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