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There are different types of sound one can hear early in the morning. The first sound that reaches our ears when we wake up at 5 'o' clock is the chirping of different types of bird. The birds sing sweet song in the twilights. Next, we can hear the sound of the morning walkers who remain busy talking with their fellow friends while walking. We can hear the sound of the temple bell and the morning prayer going on in the temples. We can also hear the sounds of a few vehicles like cycle. In the villages, one can hear the sound of different domestic animals like cows, goats etc., while, in the cities and towns, one can hear the sound of the buses, a few small scale vehicles etc. So, rising in the morning, we are able to hear, not only different types of natural sounds but also, we give a fine start to our day by looking at the still sleeping city, which makes us realise the real beauty of morning. Hence, we can say that the proverb, " Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise." is very true.


what sort of sound can one hear early in the morning - Brainly.in (2024)
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