What 7 Numbers To Dial To See If Your Phone Is Tapped (2024)

The use of spyware in the age of technology is a growing problem that is becoming more widespread by the day. Most of the victims even do not know that they are being monitored. There are several apps that tell you and you also have certain numbers to dial to see if your phone is tapped.

How Does Phone Tapping Work?

“Phone tapping, also known as cell phone monitoring or tracing, is a practice in which software is used to follow a user’s phone conversations and other actions. without getting noticed”

This technique is often carried out without the targeted person knowing of any such action. Phones can be tapped in two ways:

  1. Through the mobile network
  2. Spyware apps.

Different Terminologies We Will Be Using In This Article

Before we move on further, let’s explain to you briefly some terminologies we will be using in this blog.

Diversion or Redirection: An incoming call is being forwarded to a different phone number.

Conditional forward: When a call is forwarded if the other person is busy, isn’t answering the call, or is unreachable.

Malware: software that is made to get unauthorized access to anyone’s device.

7 Numbers to Dial to see if your phone is tapped

So the question is, how to tell if your phone is tapped? You can dial these numbers to find out if your phone is tapped or someone is trying to steal your information from your phone. These numbers offer you admittance to vital data concerning the security of your gadget. You can check the table below

Check StatusFunctionDeactivate
*#21#Displays (unconditional) calls forwarding status##21#
*#62#Displays (out of reach) call forwarding status##62#
*#67#Displays (if busy) calls forwarding status##67#
*#004#Displays (all conditional) forwarding status##004#
*#61#Displays (if not answered) calls forwarding status##61#
*#002#Displays (all) calls forwarding status##002#
*#06#Displays your phone’s IMEI(s)

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When you dial *#21#, you’ll get to know about the diversion status of your phone number. Just dial it on your phone, and all the information will be displayed right on the screen of your phone. You’ll be able to see if your phone is being tapped or not.

This code will reveal whether a spy app on your smartphone has been hijacking calls, texts, and data. it will show the diversion status of your phone number.

This form of attack is known as unconstrained packet transmission or distraction. When you dial this code, the status of each diversion will be displayed alongside the numbers.

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Dial *62# to see whether your call, messages or any other sort of data is being redirected or not

What 7 Numbers To Dial To See If Your Phone Is Tapped (2)


By dialing ##002# all redirections will be removed. And you will get the confirmation if the erasure was successful, securing your phone instantly.

What 7 Numbers To Dial To See If Your Phone Is Tapped (3)


This code alerts you of calls and messages transferred to any other numbers while you’re on another line or decline a call. You may receive a reply if you provide this number.

Which will inform you if someone is pursuing you. If it’s a phone number you don’t recognize, call *#67#.

What 7 Numbers To Dial To See If Your Phone Is Tapped (4)


You’ll get the status of all conditional forwards by dialing *#004#. In other words, you’ll be able to see who is receiving your calls or messages at any given case:

  • You’ve lost touch with the caller.
  • You’re conversating with another person from your smartphone.
  • You decline the call.
  • You don’t return a phone call.
What 7 Numbers To Dial To See If Your Phone Is Tapped (5)

I don’t know why but it was returning a “Connection problem or invalid MMI code” error. But I hope it will work for you. So, instead of *#61#, *#62#, and *#67#, you can use this code. By dialing ##004# from your original phone number, you can also clear all conditional forwarding settings.

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If you want to check whether your unanswered calls are being redirected then you can dial *#61#. When your calls go ignored, use this code to see if anyone else receives them.

What 7 Numbers To Dial To See If Your Phone Is Tapped (6)

Suppose you notice any unusual indicators, dial ##61# to have these settings automatically erased. When your smartphone is turned off, or you lose connectivity, dialing this phone tapping code will reveal who receives your text messages and calls.

Don’t be alarmed if this code returns a number; it could just be your voicemail. If not, dial ##62# to silence the hackers’ ears on your phone calls. And if it doesn’t remove even after dialing ##62# then don’t worry. It’s not any hacker.


Every mobile phone carries an IMEI code, or “Unique International Mobile Equipment Identity code,” you can dial *#06# to check the IMEI of your phone. In an unfortunate case of a mobile getting lost, this code provides the current location of the device to the network operator if a new sim card is added.

What 7 Numbers To Dial To See If Your Phone Is Tapped (7)

How to Tell If Your Phone Has Been Tapped?

If your phone is tapped you may see some unusual activity on your phone. Many people just ignore these signs but it can be dangerous for you in the future if not in present. Below is the list of 10 signs that you should not ignore:

1. Battery Drains Faster

The battery draining quickly is one of the most common signs of phone tapping. It may also get heated in certain cases. When you are facing such issues, it is highly possible that malicious software is running in the background.

Now, the battery heating can also be because of the excessive use of certain apps and usage of mobile data. But it can also be because of any malicious software. If you suspect your phone’s battery is draining quickly, keep a close eye on it. Take a look at the applications that use the most battery

2. Increased Use of Mobile Data

If your phone uses a lot of data and is sluggish, there’s probably something wrong. When modern spyware uploads enormous volumes of data without your permission, this can happen. This is more likely to happen when you use free public Wi-Fi.

If you see any of these things, you must figure out why they are happening. If none of the apps on your phone is using that much mobile data which is being consumed, then there is a very high possibility that your phone is tapped. Go to your phone’s setting and see the amount of data getting used by your apps.

there are a few things you can do.

  1. Disable background data usage.
  2. Use any data usage tracking app to know which app is consuming the most of your resources.
  3. Search for spyware installed on your phone (If tapped).

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3. You’re seeing unwanted ads and apps running in the background

Nothing is as irritating as unwanted ads on a phone’s screen. However, if you’re seeing such ads very frequently, then something is definitely wrong. It can be a sign to know that your phone is being tapped. Those ads can be clickbait as well, making you click on them. So, never click on such ads, even by mistake, as they can lead to malware.

4. Long Time Required to Shutdown your Smartphone

Another sign of Spyware is if your smartphone takes a bit longer to shut down than usual. It can be because of the background apps that are monitoring your activity. They take some time to close their functions.

5. Websites Have a Unique Look

Despite using an adblocker, pop-ups appear. If your phone is infected with malware, suspicious pop-ups may appear, seeking to phish information. If you see a different version of the website than on the desktop, then don’t put your sensitive data such as username, email, password, etc.

6. E-mails that have been blocked

Are you delivering mails that the intended recipient never received? This strange occurrence means that your e-mail settings have been moved to an unknown server. And the emails are getting delivered to the hacker instead of your recipient.

7. Breach of personal information

If you’ve ever exposed personal information, such as passcode or chat logs, it’s a warning that something more is wrong. Either you put data on some website that was insecure or your phone is tapped which resulted in the breach of your personal information.

8. The phone shows activity when it is not in use

Is your phone making sounds or lighting up the screen even if you’re not using it? There still are call and text warnings on one side. Someone likely has remote access to your phone if this is the case.

9. Receiving Strange Messages

If you are getting a chain of spam messages from different numbers, it can be an indication that your phone is being tapped. If that is the case, ignoring them is not an option. That message might contain several digits and numbers, and in some cases, even links, which can be used by hackers to tap into your phone and steal useful information. If you are receiving such messages, check the number from which you are getting them. If it seems suspicious, quickly delete them without clicking on any numbers or links present

10. You’re facing performance issues

It’s also possible that you’ll have problems with your phone’s overall performance. Malware can persuade you to download phony system upgrades in order to gain total control over your activity. It’s even capable of gaining root access to your phone. A person who wants to tap your phone can gain access to your information as a result of this.

Due to performance problems, you might believe your phone is getting slower than usual because of certain new apps. But that is not the case. New apps use a lot of RAM, but it is not true that they affect your smartphone’s reaction speed. We have many blog posts to help you secure your smartphone on our blog. To see if the installed apps are using a lot of RAM follow the steps below:

For Android:

  • Go to Settings – Apps – Running. Click on each app to see which app is using RAM.

For iOS:

  • Go to Settings – General – iPhone storage

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Why am I being monitored?

It’s a typical query, particularly among individuals who are being monitored.

Some organizations use spyware on employees to monitor their activities at work and to protect their personal information.

Why is the Government Watching Us?

There is no doubt that the government is watching us. The NSA collects data on our online activities, the FBI monitors social media, and the CIA uses spy technology to track us.

Government usually does it for security concerns. To do just that, the government has put in place many laws to protect the country.

Numerous apps that allow for the monitoring and tracing of calls and texts were released in recent years. Before they can start taping phone calls, these spyware programs usually need to be installed on the target device.

This option of phone tapping is available through apps such as Spapp Monitoring, WhatsApp Spy, Fb Spy, and others. We advise against using them because it is unlawful to tap another user’s information.

When on a phone call, you may hear a buzzing static, strange sound, or other unusual noises, which could indicate that your phone is being hacked.

Is Tapping a Phone Considered Hacking?

In today’s world, tapping anyone’s device has become a term for hacking.

A smartphone hacker can access a victim’s text messages, chat conversations, online surfing activities, e-mails, videos, pictures, or even their Location data.

Hackers might remotely install malicious software on your phone to track it or collect sensitive information. Hackers now use Spyware software, which provides them access to all information.

As just an outcome, snooping targets are significantly more susceptible than they were once.

“Smartphone serves as a honeypot for hackers.”

What to do if Your Phone is already tapped?

If you’ve noticed some of the above indications and wish to do a safety check on your phone, you have several options, depending on your phone’s Operating System (OS).

Android:If you are using an Android phone then Certo Mobile Security is a free anti-spyware and spy detector app. You can use it to scan your phone from spyware.

iPhone: If you have an Apple device, Certo AntiSpy is a good option. You can download and install this software on your PC or Mac to scan your iPhone or iPad for Spyware and other sorts of hacking/tapping.

You can run a comprehensive security scan and malware cleanup on your device for free with these apps.

What to do if your Phone is Tapped or Being Monitored?

  1. Airplane mode
  2. Factory reset
  3. Remove malware

1. Airplane mode

The quick and straightforwardapproach to cease a remote control hacker’s unusual tendencies without closing down the entire phone is to put it into airplane mode, which disables data roaming and Wi-Fi. This is a temporary way before applying the complete solution.

2. Remove Spyware

You need to find and remove the spyware from your device as soon as possible after you have found out your device is tapped or being monitored. Below are some apps that could help you to remove spyware from your Android or iOS device.

Android:If you are using an Android phone then Certo Mobile Security is a free anti-spyware and spy detector app. You can use it to scan your phone from spyware.

iPhone: If you have an Apple device, Certo AntiSpy is a good option. You can download and install this software on your PC or Mac to scan your iPhone or iPad for Spyware and other sorts of hacking/tapping.

3. Factory Reset

If you do not want to get into more complicated things then you can directly do a factory reset. It will remove all spy apps from your phone and reset all the settings. But you will also lose all your data if you don’t backup it before performing the factory reset. The data you will lose will be your contacts, pictures, music & all other data.

How to untap your phone?

Step 1: Find and remove suspicious apps.

Step 2: Install an anti-spyware app and scan your phone.

Step 3: Change your accounts’ passwords that you’ve saved on your phone.

Step 4: Reset the passwords if they have been changed.

Step 5: Finally, backup your data and factory reset your phone.

It’s hard to accept that a hacker has installed spy software on your system. The majority of targets are unaware that such a society exists, that someone wants to monitor them.

A comprehensive restoration is the most helpful technique for untapping your smartphone. However, because this would remove everything on your phone, you should back up any crucial information first.

Moreover, if you’ve noticed unusual behavior on your phone, it’s worth investigating and noting that there’s plenty of powerful and user-friendly spy software available.

How to find spy software on your Phone

Android: It’s feasible to locate spy software on an Android by searching through the phone’s data. You might be able to recognize suspicious-looking files by going to Settings, Applications, and Manage Applications.

The file names of good spy programs are typically disguised not to stick out, but they may contain keywords like secret, spy, stealth, etc. Even so, some of the lower-quality software products are simple to recognize.

You won’t harm the phone if you’re seeking proof of spy software, but it’s usually best not to erase or remove any data until you’re sure of what you have been doing.

iPhone: Mostly, if you have an iPhone and wish to install surveillance software, you must first jailbreak it. Although it is harder to look further into the iPhone directory than with Android. So, you can use an anti-spyware app like Certo AntiSpy to find spyware on your phone.

Updating to the most recent OS version can also fix bugs and remove spyware from your iOS device.

Tips to Protect Yourself From being Tapped

Carelessness is the reason why phones are tapped. So, we are sharing some tips that will help you to be safe from being tapped.

  • Don’t log in or put your sensitive data on websites when using public networks.
  • Take precautions if you find any suspected app.
  • Keep changing your passwords after every few months.
  • Use VPN to protect your data.
  • Make sure that your smartphone is secure.

What Hacker can do if Your Phone Is Tapped?

  1. They can turn your phone into a listening device. This can mean that they can listen in on your conversations.
  2. Hackers can track your location.
  3. Hackers can track your movements.
  4. They can use the camera to take photos of you.
  5. Hackers can use your phone to send out spam.
  6. Hackers can steal your data.
  7. Hackers can access your bank accounts.
  8. Hackers can access your email accounts.
  9. Hackers can access your social media accounts.


How to know if your phone is tapped?

The best way to check to see if your phone is being tapped is to search for spyware apps on your phone and use the SIM codes.

Can I do anything to prevent my phone from being tapped?

Yes, you can do a few things to prevent your phone from being tapped. You should not share your personal data online on insecure websites, don’t put sensitive data while using public networks, etc.

How can I find out if someone is spying on me?

You may see some unusual things with your phone which we already have discussed in detail above in this post.

How can I get rid of a spyware virus?

If you find that you have a spyware virus, you should remove it. You can do this by installing an anti-spyware app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Some apps recommendations are given above.

How can I tell if someone is spying on me?

You can see some strange behavior within your phone, like the battery draining fast, the phone is slowing down, unusual voices during calls, etc.

Final words

I actually will recommend a person to be cautious. That’s because your carelessness is the reason that your phone is tapped.

When a person recognizes that your cell phone is tapped and being monitored, this can come like a shock.

You should follow the above steps to identify and remove spyware from your phone. And you can also use the provided numbers to identify if your phone is tapped or not.

Liked our tips? Let’s share it with your loved ones too!

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