Top 5 Apps To Hide Text Messages On Android (2024)

We are living in a time when a lot of our conversations take place through messaging apps on our smartphones. While most of us use the popular messaging apps likeWhatsApp, Hike, Viber, Facebook Messenger, converse on our Android devices, SMS isn’t obsolete yet, as our SMSinbox contains a lot of our sensitive information, like the notification of transactions made through debit/credit cards, important reminders forevents, receipts of ticket bookings etc. A lot of this information is not exactly the kind you would like to share with anyone or have them take a peek at. Thus, you’re going to need something to protect your messages, without seeming too conscious about it. That’s whenan app locker or text message hider app can come to your rescue.

The apps we have listedbelow will make sure that your privacy is respected and no one gets their hands on any sensitive information viayour messages. These apps will make sure that the next time you lend your phone to someone or leave it unattended, you’re not going to have a stroke worrying someone will read something they are not supposed to. So, if you are always worried about someone reading your private messages, here are the top 5 apps to hide text messages on Android:

1. Private SMS & Call – Hide Text

Private SMS & Call – Hide Text(Free) works by creating a safe space for you, which it calls PrivateSpace. The initial setup process is very simple; the app will prompt you to set up a PIN-based lock, which will be used to access the appin future. While setting up the app, you can also choose to hide the app from the app drawer.

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Once it is running, all you have to do is import contacts into the app. These contacts will be labeled as private, and you have the option of hiding them from your system address book as well. Any messages sent or received from these contacts will not appear in your messages and instead a dummy message will be stored in their place. As an extra incentive, you can also hide call logs and block calls at awkward times from selected contacts. When new messages arrive you will be alerted by a dummy message or a customized ringtone which you can choose. To other people, it will seem like a random notification and only you will know what it actually is. Cool, right?

Install: (Free)

2. GO SMS Pro

GO SMS Pro is one of the most widely used messaging apps available in the Play Store. It has over 100 million downloads and an arsenal of personalization options. With the latest 7.0 version, it has taken customization to a whole new level and completely changed its interface giving users a refreshed feelofthe app.

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Apart from all the color and glitter, GO SMS Pro is also a decent message hider. This app also prompts you to set up a PIN-based lock for your private box. You can then add contacts to this private box and all future conversations with these contacts will appear here separated from all other messages. You can also hide the private box icon from within the app so no one finds out you’re trying to hide something. GO SMS Pro is an all round messaging app; you can consider it if you’re not too impressed with the stock messenger and want something that looks cool while maintaining your privacy.

Install: (Free with in-app purchases)

3. Calculator

Calculator is the perfect cover for an app that works to hide messages; it’s a calculator on the outside and a vault on the inside. It looks and works exactly like a calculator and will raise absolutely no suspicion, as itseems like any calculator app to other people.

Top 5 Apps To Hide Text Messages On Android (3)

To access the hidden vault you have to enter “123+=” in the calculator. This will take you to the main screen of the app; here you can add the contacts you want to make private. All the messages and call logs related to these contacts will now be hidden from your phone’s system and will appear here instead. The UI is not very fancy or appealing but the fact that it seems like a calculator to the unknowing gives it a bonus point and a place on our list.

Install: (Free)

4. Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos

The name of this app pretty much says it all, Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos is a vault that can hide your messages, pictures and videos among other things. It is a Vault as well as an SMS and contact hider, which means you get the best of both worlds.

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It can do everything a vault would dowhile also hidingyour private messages and contacts from your system. Similar to other message hiders, you will have to import contacts into the app, which will be then labeled as private. These contacts will no longer appear in your phonebookand neither will their messages appear in your stock messaging app. A PIN-based password is required to access this app and also to access any other app that you choose to lock usingit.

Install: (Free with in-app purchases)

5. Message Locker – SMS Lock

Message Locker – SMS Lock is completely different than the other apps mentioned above. It is not an app that will hide your messages but instead an app locker that will simply lock your stock messaging app as well as other apps.

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The set up of this app is similar to other app lockers; you will be prompted to set up a PIN-based password, which can also be changed to a pattern later. The app’s main screen features a list of apps that the app locked thinks you mightwant to lock like Facebook, Skype, Messaging, WhatsApp, etc. You can also add other apps to list by tapping on the plus “+” icon at the bottom right of the screen. To lock an app simply tap on the lock symbol and you can do the same to unlock any other app. When you try to open any of the locked apps, you will be asked to enter the PIN/Pattern which you had set earlier.

Install: (Free with in-app purchases)

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Well, that’s it, these are the top 5 apps to hide messages on your Android device. You can choose to go with a message hiding app, which will remove any trace of your private messages and contacts or you can choose to go with an app locker, which will simply restrict access to your messaging apps.

In our opinion, Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos does stand out, as itworks both as an app locker as well as message hider, but eventually the choice is yours. Rest assured, no matter which app youchoose, you’ll not be disappointed. So, install one of these apps before someone decides to violate your privacy again.

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Top 5 Apps To Hide Text Messages On Android (2024)
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