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The App Connecting Muslims Worldwide

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Where Muslims Meet

We are the leading Muslim dating and marriage app with over 10 million single Muslims looking for love.

We’re not like the other dating apps. We made Muzz to help single Muslims find their perfect partner while respecting their religious beliefs. Say goodbye to boring biodata CV’s and pushy aunties! We bring together more than 500 happy Muslim couples every day and celebrate over 500,000 Muslim success stories worldwide.

Could you be next? Download the app and start meeting single Muslims today!

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Chat for Free

It’s always FREE to see profiles, match, chat & marry on Muzz.

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Free Video Calling

You decide who you can call and you never have to share your phone number.

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Voice and Video Profiles

Show off your personality and stand out from the crowd by adding Voice & Video intros to your profile.

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Complete Privacy

Keep your photos hidden and use a nickname to remain anonymous to friends and family.

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Make meaningful local connections

Looking to make new friends and also find a partner? Muzz Social is a brand new social network for you to meet likeminded Muslims nearby. Have your say on important topics within the Muslim community. Keep it halal!

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Find women-only or men-only groups

Need a safe female-only space to chat to other Muslim women? We’ve got you. For sensitive topics you can even post anonymously.

What our members say

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“Ideal and halal way to meet a potential spouse”

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Lulud Oktaviani

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“It's a beautiful place to meet women in a halal manner”

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Bassy Bruno

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“I'm falling in love with this app”

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Rabia Shahab

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Selfie Verification

With all profiles being verified using Selfie Verification, SMS confirmation, and location checks, you’re safe.

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Religious Filters

Filter Muslims in your area by sect, ethnicity, how much they pray and much more.

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You can even include a chaperone (known as a Wali) in your conversations for extra peace of mind.

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Community Rated

Good behavior is rewarded. Men and women earn profile badges for the positive feedback they receive

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ID Verification

ID Verified members are approved through our secure passport or driver’s license checks. Know you’re chatting to trustworthy members by looking out for the blue tick on your matches profile.

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Muzz Gold

Get married faster with Muzz Gold - allowing you to more precisely tailor your search and browse without limits

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Muzz (2024)
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