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The motorcycle theory test contains two primary elements:

  • A multiple-choice exam – You have to answer at least 43 out of 50 questions correctly in this section to pass. It will be carried out on a touch-screen computer.
  • A video-clip-based hazard perception test – You will be asked to identify road hazards shown in 14 video clips, using a mouse.

The practical test also consists of two primary elements:

  • A set of off-road exercises
  • An observed ride based on the road – This also includes an eyesight test and several questions on vehicle safety checks and carrying a pillion passenger.

It is only after you have passed your motorcycle theory test that you will be able to book a practical test. This must be done within two years of passing your motorcycle theory test. The Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DSA) are responsible for administering these tests.

Motorcycle Theory Test Booking

The motorcycle theory test currently costs £23.

You’re able to book your theory test via:

  • Telephone
  • Post
  • Online

Test sessions are usually available during the day and in the evenings from Monday to Saturday. Remember, if you have to cancel your motorcycle theory test appointment, you must provide at least a three working day notice. Failure to do so will result in the loss of your theory test fee.

You must also inform the DVSA of any hearing difficulties, dyslexia, or light-sensitive epilepsy. In Northern Ireland driving tests follow the same layout, but are instead administered by the DVA (Driver and Vehicle Agency).

What you should take with you

At the theory test centre, you will be required to present:

  • Photocard driving licence – If this is of an older style, you will also require a passport copy.

Failure to bring this will result in the forfeiture of both your test and fee.

Please make sure you arrive on time for your motorcycle theory test. Don’t forget to set a reminder on your mobile device and/or calendar to ensure you don’t forget.

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Multiple-choice Test

In order to pass the multiple-choice exam section of the motorcycle theory test (questions and answers), you will need to answer at least 43 out of 50 of the questions correctly within the 57 minutes you have for the exam. Please note that when you are booking your test, if you are a candidate with special requirements, you are able to apply for extra time.

Like the driving theory test, each question will have four possible answers with one being correct. You will touch the screen beside the answer you wish to choose in order to select the answer you think is correct. There will be a practice question prior to the beginning of the test so you can practice this.

Some questions will be presented as a case study. These questions will be based on a real-life scenario that you may experience whilst riding. There will be 5 questions per case study.

If you have selected the wrong answer, you can touch the screen again in order to change your selection. Marking a question with a flag will allow you to revisit the question at a later stage. The system will prompt you to revisit any unanswered questions.

You will be given a three-minute break after the multiple-choice test before advancing to the motorcycle hazard perception test.

How to prepare for the multiple-choice test

The 50 questions that make up the multiple-choice part of the motorcycle theory test will be similar to those that are included in the mock tests on this website. Consider signing up for an account and practice these theory mock tests to prepare for the multiple-choice section of the theory test. We also have mock tests covering the 14 motorcycle theory test categories. These are:

  • Alertness
  • Attitude
  • Documents
  • Hazard Awareness
  • Incidents, Accidents and Emergencies
  • Motorcycle Handling
  • Motorcycle Loading
  • Motorway Rules
  • Other Types of Vehicle
  • Road and Traffic Signs
  • Rules of the Road
  • Safety and Your Motorcycle
  • Safety Margins
  • Vulnerable Road Users

This should be very useful as a practice for the multiple-choice part of the test and should be sufficient preparation for you to pass.

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Motorcycle Hazard Perception Test

The motorcycle hazard perception test will consist of 14 videos, each about a minute in length, that demonstrate road situations that involve other users of the road. As soon as you notice a developing hazard i.e something that forces you to change your speed or direction, click your mouse. You will be scored higher the earlier you spot and respond to a potential danger. A red flag will appear at the bottom of your screen every time the mouse is clicked.

There will be 15 scorable hazards in total, consisting of:

  • 13 clips containing one scorable hazard
  • 1 clip containing two scorable hazards

You can score a maximum of five marks for each hazard. Note that unlike the multiple-choice part of the test, you won’t be able to return to a hazard in order to change your response. No points will be lost if you identify a non-scorable hazard.

If you click the mouse repeatedly or in a systematic way in the hope of getting maximum points, you may be penalised and receive no points for that particular video clip.

The pass mark for the motorcycle hazard perception test is 44 out of 75. This is the same as the pass mark for the hazard perception test for car drivers.

What is a developing hazard?

To understand what a developing hazard is, imagine a situation where a car is parked on the side of the road. Since the car is stationary, it can only be described as a potential hazard rather than a developing hazard since it’s not doing anything to force you to change speed or direction. Clicking the mouse at this point during the hazard perception test won’t score you any points, although there is no harm in clicking as you won’t lose any points either.

If the car then starts to indicate and the driver begins to pull out onto the road, causing you to slow down, this is now a developing hazard and you should click the mouse at this point to demonstrate that you have identified the hazard.

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How to prepare for the motorcycle hazard perception test

The video clips in the motorcycle hazard perception test will be computer-generated (CGI). Before 2015, the video clips consisted of real-life scenarios showing everyday road scenes. However, the concept is still the same. To prepare for this part of the test, we have put together a large database of hazard perception test videos with dozens of CGI and real-life video clips for you to practice with. You will receive a score and an explanation for each practice clip.

You can also practice hazard perception when you’re on the road, even as a passenger. To do so, observe and scan the road ahead to identify any potential hazards. It’s also a good idea to talk to your instructor about hazard perception.


After taking both parts of the motorcycle theory test, you will receive your results along with some feedback within 10 minutes or so. In order to pass the theory test as a whole, you must pass both sections. Failing one part and passing the other would still result in an overall fail. If you have failed, try not to worry too much.

When you pass your motorcycle theory test, you will receive a pass certificate which will be valid for 2 years. Failure to book and complete your practical test within this time period will mean that you will have to retake your theory test.

After the Motorcycle Theory Test

Compulsory Basic Training

Before you sit your practical motorcycle test, you must complete a compulsory basic training (CBT) course and be in the possession of a valid CBT certificate of completion (DVL196). CBT training can only be carried out by DVSA-approved organisations. The course consists of classroom and practical skills training.

Note: If you’re upgrading from one A category to another, for example from A1 to A, you needn’t apply for compulsory basic training.

Motorcycle Test

The motorcycle practical test consists of two separate modules. You can only take the second module after passing the first module. Module one consists of several off-road exercises whilst module two is an observed ride of a public road.

(Video) Hazard perception test practice clips - how to pass your hazard perception test 2022

Module One

  • This module costs £15.50.
  • This is conducted at an MPTC (Multipurpose Test Centre).
  • You will be required to complete a series of off-road exercises around a circuit that is enclosed with coloured cones.
  • You will also be asked two safety check questions pertaining to your bike, and a question about a carrying passenger.
  • You’ll also be required to pass a simple eyesight test.

Module Two

  • This module costs £75, or £88.50 on weekday evenings, weekends, and bank holidays.
  • You will be assessed on your ability to ride on the road and your interaction with other users of the road.
  • You will be followed by the examiner around the test route and will receive instructions from the examiner through a radio receiver.
  • You’ll be required to continue to ride ahead unless you are asked to turn by the examiner or traffic signs. Therefore, if you receive no instruction at a roundabout, take the exit that is straight ahead.


Is the theory test 2022 hard? ›

The pass mark for the theory test is 86%. To pass the multiple-choice section, you need to answer 43 out of 50 questions correctly. There will be a time limit of 57 minutes. As the test is completed digitally, you will get an opportunity to practise on a few sample questions before the exam begins.

How many mock tests should I do before my theory test? ›

Make sure you're passing at least 5 mock Theory Tests consecutively and have at least 5 minutes to spare at the end of each one. Make sure you are flagging any difficult theory questions and revisit them at the end.

How do I pass my theory test 2022? ›

12 Tips to Pass Your Driving Theory Test in 2022
  1. Review the Highway Code.
  2. Book Your Theory Test.
  3. Study Ahead of Time.
  4. Practise Makes Perfect.
  5. Try Taking a Mock Theory Test.
  6. Make Sure You Have Your Provisional Licence.
  7. Practise While on the Road.
  8. Relax and Be Confident.
30 Jun 2022

Are the questions on the theory test the same as the practice test? ›

Are the practice questions the same ones as you'll answer in your actual test? The practice questions you will see in the theory test course, a book or an app will be very similar to the questions you come across in your actual theory test, but they will not be the same question.

Can I pass my theory without revising? ›

The theory test is split into two sections: multiple choice questions and hazard perception clips. You need to pass both sections in order to get your theory test pass certificate. So, don't count on being able to put all your eggs in one basket here: you'll need to revise both sections to perform well on the test!

How can I pass my theory test easily? ›

Top tips on how to pass your theory test
  1. Book a theory test date with enough time to practice. ...
  2. Brush up on the Highway Code. ...
  3. Practice the hazard perception test. ...
  4. Take a mock theory test. ...
  5. Get out on the road. ...
  6. Treat your theory test like any other exam. ...
  7. Take care with the multiple-choice part of the theory test.
4 May 2022

How many hours a day should I revise for theory test? ›

In our professional view, we would highly recommend booking your theory test at least a month in advance, and spending around between 12 and 24 hours revising for your theory test within that time period.

How many answers can you get wrong in theory test? ›

How many questions are there in the theory test and how many marks do I need to pass? You'll have 50 multiple-choice questions and 57 minutes to finish. You need to get 43 right to pass.

How do I know Im ready for theory test? ›

One of the best ways to ensure that you are ready for the theory test is to take a few mock tests. You can find both free and paid versions of mock tests online. Why not start with this government-approved practice theory test from Safe Driving for Life.

How many times on average does it take to pass your theory test? ›

Most people pass within 2-3 attempts and, with the DVSA charging £23 for each test, your wallet will be rooting for you to pass in the fewest goes possible.

How many questions can you miss on the theory test? ›

There are 40 questions in the category A and B tests and you have to answer 35 questions correctly to be successful. You have 45 minutes to answer the 40 questions in the test. You can find out more from

How many hours should you study for theory test? ›

You should complete at least 20 hours of revision to make sure you are fully prepared for your theory test.

Is the theory test harder now? ›

As you can see, pass rates have been in steady decline since 2008/09—with pass rates starting at 65.4% in 2007/08 and ending up all the way down at 47.1% by 2019/20! It's certainly enough to suggest that the theory test is getting harder.

What is the best way to test a theory? ›

There are two methodologies for theory-testing with cases: (1) testing in a single case (theory-testing single case study) and (2) testing in a sample of cases (theory-testing sample case study). The functional form of the proposition that is tested determines which of these two methodologies should be used.

What questions come up most in theory test? ›

The answers
  • 1) When is it okay to undertake a vehicle?
  • 2) In good conditions, what's the typical stopping distance at 70 mph?
  • 3) You're driving down a long, steep hill. ...
  • 4) At a pelican crossing, what must you do when the amber light is flashing?
  • 5) You take the wrong route and find you're on a one-way street.
1 Dec 2018

How can I pass my theory test without studying? ›

Read on to learn more about how to pass any exam without studying.
  1. Find the right workplace. ...
  2. Make the most use of your time. ...
  3. Assemble your requirements properly to avoid distractions. ...
  4. Compile all your notes. ...
  5. Avoid cramming for long hours. ...
  6. Prioritize and work accordingly. ...
  7. Talk to someone around you.

How do I keep from failing my theory test? ›

Revise, revise, revise! Keep taking mock tests until you hit the theory test pass mark every time. If you've failed the test before, revise the areas you lost points on and take comfort from the fact that you know exactly what to expect on test day.

Can you pass your theory without lessons? ›

In short, yes, you can take your driving test without lessons. However, in most cases, it's strongly recommended that you find an instructor to help guide you through the process.

Can you pass theory test first time? ›

The theory test is the first hurdle you'll have to overcome before you're able to even book your practical driving test. It's an intensive exam and there's plenty you need to learn but by understanding what's expected of you and preparing for the questions, there's no reason why you shouldn't pass first time.

Can you study for theory test in a day? ›

The best way to prepare for any test is to make time for some solid revision. Rome wasn't built in a day—the same applies for your theory knowledge. You can't expect to spend a few minutes flicking through a book and somehow pass with full marks.

How long is the waiting list for theory test 2022? ›

Current driving test waiting times as of November 2022.

Waiting times at most test centres are still around 6 months but cancellations do come up so it might be possible to get a test for around 4 months time.

Is the theory test the same every time? ›

It may be a different question covering the same topic, but it may be worded slightly differently, and it may have different answer options. This means that by going through your revision you will know what you're expected to learn and understand, but you cannot practice the actual question you'll be asked.

Are theory test results instant? ›

Once your test is over, you'll leave the exam room and go back to the entrance of the test centre. You'll need to show your licence to the member of staff at the desk to get your results, which should be available within minutes, if not immediately. If you've passed: congratulations!

What is the pass rate for theory test 2022? ›

The test pass rates in the year-ending March 2022, compared to the year-ending March 2020, for: theory multiple-choice was 64.9%, up 4.1 percentage points. theory hazard perception was 83.4%, up 2.2 percentage points. practical on-road was 58.7%, down 0.3 percentage points.

What percent of people fail theory test? ›

The 2019/20 pass rate is 47.7%*, which means just over half of all people who sit their Theory Test fail it.
Theory Test Pass Rate
4 more rows

Do driving examiners know how many times you've failed? ›

There's absolutely nothing to suggest that driving examiners have a quota in place. It's just one of the many driving test myths that circulates around the learner community. Examiners have no reason to fail candidates on purpose—it would only give them further work down the line, after all!

How many questions are on the motorcycle theory test? ›

You have 57 minutes to answer 50 multiple-choice questions. Before the test starts you'll get: instructions on how the test works. the chance to do some practice questions to get used to the screens.

Why do people fail theory test? ›

Along with other factors, what is highly likely to be the reason that more people are failing a Theory Test is that candidates are turning up for their test unprepared. As with anything in life, if you want to achieve a first-time pass, preparation is the key to success.

Which country has the hardest theory test? ›

The most difficult tests to pass

In China, the theory test contains 100 questions and requires you to memorise 1,000 in total. There are then two separate practical assessments, followed by a final theory test. New drivers in Croatia must attend 70-100 hours of mandatory driving school before attempting their test.

Is the theory test 100 questions? ›

The actual tests contain 100 questions and you will need 85 right answers to pass.

What happens if u fail theory test? ›

If you fail

You'll get a letter at the test centre. It'll tell you which parts you did not score enough points on so you know what to practise. You must book and take the full test again, even if you passed one part this time. You have to wait at least 3 working days before taking your test again.

Is 35 out of 40 a pass in theory test? ›

The pass rate is answering 35 out of 40 questions correctly. For the truck and bus test there's 100 questions of which you must get 74 correct. You have 100 minutes to complete this test.

How many times does it take to pass theory test? ›

Most people pass within 2-3 attempts and, with the DVSA charging £23 for each test, your wallet will be rooting for you to pass in the fewest goes possible. But some people find the theory test very tricky and, as a result, have shelled out for several theory tests.

How long does it take to study for theory test? ›

In our professional view, we would highly recommend booking your theory test at least a month in advance, and spending around between 12 and 24 hours revising for your theory test within that time period.

How many people fail their theory test first time? ›

During the 2018/2019 financial year, 1,787,773 people took the Theory Test, with only 845,028 passing - resulting in the 47.3% pass rate. That still leaves 52.7% of people who FAIL!

Are the theory test questions the same every time? ›

It may be a different question covering the same topic, but it may be worded slightly differently, and it may have different answer options. This means that by going through your revision you will know what you're expected to learn and understand, but you cannot practice the actual question you'll be asked.

Do you get theory results instantly? ›

Once your test is over, you'll leave the exam room and go back to the entrance of the test centre. You'll need to show your licence to the member of staff at the desk to get your results, which should be available within minutes, if not immediately. If you've passed: congratulations!

Can you refuse a driving test examiner? ›

Can You Refuse a Driving Test Examiner? Generally no. If you were to attend a driving test booking and refuse to take the test with the allocated examiner you would lose your test fee and not be able to sit the test, you cannot request a different examiner.

How long does theory test last once passed? ›

Two year rule. Theory test certificates are valid for two years from the date you passed. If you do not pass your practical test within this two year period, you will have to take another theory test.


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