Here Are All Of Little Mix's Top 10 Singles That Helped Them Chart For 100 Weeks (2023)

Make way, people! Because Little Mix are coming through with another historic achievement. Our girls have once again been the first to set a record, and while we’d love to say we’re surprised, we actually aren’t, since “living legends” and “Little Mix” both go hand in hand, really. So what have the girls done in charts history this time?

Here Are All Of Little Mix's Top 10 Singles That Helped Them Chart For 100 Weeks (1)

Today it was announced that Little Mix have officially been in the UK Official Charts Top 10 for 100 weeks. Yep! 100! Triple digits! This makes them the first ever girl group in UK charts history to do so. To date, Little Mix have had 18 Top 10 singles, which includes 5 number ones. Speaking about their incredible achievement, Leigh gushed in excitement, saying: “Wow! It’s amazing, and we wouldn’t have done this without you guys. You never fail to blow us away – you’re just incredible and we wouldn’t be here without you. Thank you.”

To celebrate we’re taking a look at the songs that helped them make history on the charts which the UK public deemed as the best Little Mix singles.


Wow, we’re really throwing it back to the beginning here! Little Mix have been queens of the charts since day one and we’re so proud! Their winning single for The X Factor – a cover of Damien Rice’s ‘Cannonball’ shot straight to the top spot and charted a total of eight weeks. Four young girls who were totally unaware of the phenomenal career ahead of them. Don’t look at us, we’re emo right now.


Their first official single ‘Wings’ also proved that the girls had what it takes to be a successful girl group as the positive up beat bop also earned Little Mix a top spot on the charts. Taken from their debut album, the song charted for a whopping 25 weeks – just a week shy of half a year – and is still a banger almost 10 years on!


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The second single and title track of their debut album, ‘DNA’ continued Little Mix’s charts achievements when it placed on the number three spot. Their first dark concept, ‘DNA’ is an electropop bop that managed to stay on the charts for a total of 13 weeks and showed another side of our girls which we absolutely love.


The lead single from their highly anticipated sophomore album, ‘Move’ was the beginning of the girls’ R&B era and earned Little Mix a cheeky little spot in the top three on the charts. The song ended up charting for a total of 20 weeks, and was a great kickstart to the Salute album.

‘Word Up’

In 2013, our girls were chosen to sing the Sports Relief single for their campaign; a cover of Cameo’s ‘Word Up.’ It placed number six on the charts in true Little Mix style and brought the famous song into the 21st century.It’s still on our workout playlists to this day tbh. It charted for six weeks and proceeds from purchases of the single went towards that year’s fundraiser which helps tackle mental health stigma, domestic abuse, homelessness, and poverty both within the UK and around the world.


The title track from their second album, ‘Salute’ became a female empowerment anthem that so many fell in love with. The single infused with trap and hip hop beats peaked at number six and charted for 15 solid weeks. It was also used as an empowerment anthem for Team USA at the Rio 2016 Olympics. Iconic much?!

‘Black Magic’

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After taking some time out to work more on their third record, ‘Black Magic’ was a song so many were hyped for. The return of Little Mix of course impacted the charts and shot the girls straight up to first place and stayed on the charts for a mahoosive 41 weeks!

‘Secret Love Song’ ft. Jason Derulo

‘Secret Love Song’ marks the first of a Little Mix collab to reach the top 10 on the charts and earned a peak position of number six before staying for 25 weeks on the chart as a whole. The hopelessly romantic tear jerker is a true Little Mix classic and its sequel still gets performed on tour even to this day.

‘Shout Out To My Ex’

‘Shout Out To My Ex’ was such a strong start to the Glory Days era. The break up banger was a summer smash and earned Little Mix another number one on the charts which it stuck around for 35 weeks. Not only that, it gave the girls their first ever BRIT award as British Single of the Year! We know, they deserved way before that, but still an iconic moment.


‘Touch’ got a lot of love from the general public and let’s be real, this song was (and still is) true pop perfection. It was one of the songs which really made you realised our girls were all grown up and had us bursting with pride! The song peaked at number four on the charts and kept Little Mix on the board for another 35 weeks.

‘Power’ ft. Stormzy

‘Power’ is what could arguably be the pop sister of ‘Salute’ with the major empowerment vibes. The single version is a remix of the album track featured on Glory Days and featured UK grime rapper Stormzy who brought another dimension to the track with an ally-stance in his rap. The single reached number six on the charts and earned Little Mix another 32 weeks on the board.

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‘Reggaeton Lento (Remix)’

Back in 2017, Little Mix and CNCO joined forces as they jumped on the major Spanglish trend in mainstream music and delivered us the beauty that is ‘Reggaeton Lento (Remix),’ a sexy summer song that had the nation vibing. It peaked at number five on the charts and charted for a total of 27 weeks.

‘Woman Like Me’ ft. Nicki Minaj

‘Woman Like Me’ set the LM5 era off with a bang as they collabed with their long-time fave (and our) Nicki Minaj! On what was arguably their most eclectic album to date, ‘Woman Like Me’ served serious laid back reggaeton-pop vibes and is still a banger today. It was just shy one place of the top spot and stayed on the charts for 20 weeks.

‘Bounce Back’

Little Mix reached the Top 10 on the charts with their summer single ‘Bounce Back’ that was released in between the LM5 and Confetti eras. The song played perfectly into the ongoing nostalgia trend as it sampled Soul II Soul’s ‘Back To Life’ and was the soundtrack to many’s summer season. This Little Mix smash managed to chart for nine weeks, and was the beginning of the girls’ incredible record.

‘Break Up Song’

During difficult times as the world was preparing for unexpected changes, music was the one thing that kept us going through it all, and of course Little Mix were for sure contributors to that. They dropped ‘Break Up Song,’ the lead single from Confetti, and filmed the music video in their respective homes during the UK lockdown, because not even a pandemic can stop our girls being professionals! The song earned Little Mix another top 10 on the charts placing at number nine, and charted for 18 weeks.

‘Sweet Melody’

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Sweet Melody‘ served us such an iconic soundtrack to the end of our 2020 and we’re not done adding it to our heavy rotation. This was quite the bittersweet number one our girls earned as it was the last of Little Mix success on the charts top spot as a four piece. The song charted for a total of 30 weeks.

‘Confetti (Remix)’

The first single as a trio, the remix of ‘Confetti’ saw Saweetie hop on the track to give it a new lease of life. It was such a strong comeback since Jesy’s departure, proving our girls are still strong despite speculation from tabloids that they’d crumble soon after – oh and 2/3 being pregnant. TRUE LEGENDS. It peaked at number nine and earned Little Mix 16 more weeks on the charts.

‘Heartbreak Anthem’

Another mega collab which is currently on the soundtrack to our summer this year is ‘Heartbreak Anthem‘ with Galantis and David Guetta. The club banger had us missing pre-covid parties but still got us vibing at a social distances. The single peaked at number three and took Little Mix to charts history as they got to 100 weeks total on the top 10. We really do stan queens!

Here Are All Of Little Mix's Top 10 Singles That Helped Them Chart For 100 Weeks (2)

Congratulations, Little Mix! We know your charts success will continue for many more releases.

Which song from the above is your fave? Do you predict more Little Mix record-breaking charts success soon? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

Looking for more Little Mix? We gotchu!



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