Heartland Season 16: Mallory's Path to Resilience (2024)

Heartland Season 16: Mallory's Path to Resilience (1)


The seventh episode of the latest season of Heartland was filled with significant events. Familiar faces made a return, although the circ*mstances behind their comeback were far from joyful. With the untimely death of her horse Copper, Mallory and her husband made their way back to Heartland and back onto our screens.

The death of Copper had a profound impact on Mallory in more ways than one. Her return to Heartland compelled her to face the challenges she was avoiding in Colorado. Unfortunately, her husband lost his job, so they were struggling to make ends meet. She had to quit school and take more shifts at the diner she worked at in order to keep their heads above water. In addition, Mallory was also pregnant. Mallory found herself overwhelmed, and she did her best to deflect from the mounting pressures. As always, the Bartlett-Fleming family was there to help her and her husband pick up the pieces. Eventually, Mallory found the strength to face her challenges head on.

Mallory found herself in an unsettling position, because she was about to bring a child into the world without any means to provide for it. Although it is understandable why she resorted to deflection, her stubbornness only ended up making her situation worse. Running from the challenges that the world presents us can only lead to more harm in the long run. It is far better to confront and address our problems rather than pretending that they don’t exist. By doing so, we can make progress in life rather than remaining stagnant or finding ourselves in a worse position.

Heartland Season 16: Mallory's Path to Resilience (2024)
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