Benidorm Nightlife • A Complete Guide [2022 October Update] (2024)

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Benidorm is a city in the province of Alicante in the eastern coast of Spain on the Mediterranean Sea. Benidorm has been a popular tourist destination with Spain from 1925 when the port was extended, and hotels were built but the real boom as a world class tourist destination happened after the 1950s when it became a popular summer destination for people coming from the inlands of Spain especially Madrid. Today Benidorm is a city known for its hotel industry, beaches and skyscrapers. It receives a lot of tourists from all over the globe. With a population of around 70000 inhabitants it is the fifth most populated city in the province of Alicante. The population which was once heavily dependent on fishing industry changed to the luxury and tourism industry post the sharp downfall of the fishing industry during the 1950s. Today Benidorm is probably the best luxury resort city in the whole of Europe and attracts over five million tourists in a year. No wonder this city in Spain is a big contributor to Spain’s tourism industry.

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Nightlife in Benidorm

With great weather round the year, amazing family attractions, pristine beaches and wild nightlife, Benidorm is a popular tourist attraction not just with the population of Spain but also for tourists from all over the globe. The crowds that come to Benidorm look for soaking in the Sun and having a swim in the beaches during the day and they party hard during the nights. And to cater to these tourists who want to party all night, Benidorm has a large number of attractions as part of its nightlife. From bars, to nightclubs, to discotheques and pubs Benidorm has got it all covered for anyone visiting. There are also numerous specific places which are designed for Stags, LGBT community and so on. The iconic skyline of apartment towers in two shallow crescents next to huge sandy beaches is a spectacular sight for anyone. Overall Benidorm has a great nightlife which is a must experience for anyone who is visiting the place or Spain in general.

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Best locations of Benidorm for Nightlife

Benidorm has the reputation of being the most important party capital on the Costa Blanca and Benidorm is the most important tourist resort on the Costa Blanca. If you are looking for a quiet get away from it all, then Benidorm is not the holiday destination for you. If you want to see action until breakfast time, then Benidorm is the town for you. Let us look at the best places in Benidorm where one can experience the nightlife of the city:

The “strip” of Levante Beach Boulevard which goes down the beach is a hotspot for the nightlife in Benidorm. The place has a large number of prominent pubs, clubs and nightclubs, it is a must visit for anyone visiting Benidorm. Make sure you check the review and timings of the place before going to many of the nightclubs in this strip. The reviews are either too nice or completely avoid.

The Square around Avenida Mallorca is another popular attraction for nightlife in Benidorm. This is a go to place for anyone who wants to grab a drink post work and unwind. You can get a pint of beer for 1 euro or less. The place is a hot favourite amongst the locals and the tourists.

Old Town Benidorm has its own charm which it has kept intact for centuries. If you want to grab a drink, dance all night and experience fiesta like the Spanish do then old town Benidorm is the place for you.

If dance clubs are your thing then the road just outside Benidorm which goes towards the city of Valencia is the place for you to be in. There are numerous dance clubs offering entertainment for the stags, the LGBT community. Most places charge a nominal amount for entry and provide a complimentary drink as part of their entry fee.

Apart from these the beaches in Benidorm is a perfect get away for anyone who is just looking to enjoy some cool breeze and unwind. Most of the beaches have beach bars adjoining to them and you can also taste some mouth-watering seafood in the restaurants along the sea. Let us look at the prominent beaches in Benidorm:

  • Levante Beach: The most iconic image associated with Benidorm. The golden sands, clear waters and pristine coasts is a perfect combination. Though the place gets crowded during the summers you can always find a tiny lonely corner to sit and enjoy the breeze. If you feel hungry after all the swim, then there are numerous European style bars and seafood restaurants to grab some food.
  • Poniente Beach: The beach right next to the Levante, although it shares the same skyline as Levante it has a different bulk of resorts. It is wheel chair accessible and quieter and more family oriented than the Levante. Avoid swimming too far in the beach as the under currents here are strong.

So, these are the most prominent places in Benidorm where one can experience nightlife. As you can see there are numerous options that one can choose from. If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful experience, then Benidorm is not the place for you my friend!

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Best Bars of Benidorm

There are numerous bars in Benidorm that one can choose from, the choice is massive. The old town of Benidorm provides various options for bars in its narrow streets. Most of these bars are English themed bars. The Rincon and Levante areas of Benidorm also offer a lot of bar options for any visiting tourist. Here are some prominent bars in Benidorm:

  • Shamrock Bar
  • The Scotsman Pub
  • KM Playa
  • The Harp Bar
  • Star and Garter
  • Zodiac
  • Chaplins
  • Lennon’s
  • Joker’s
  • Steptoes II
  • The town

With hundreds of bars in such a small area, a bar crawl or pub crawl in Benidorm is only likely to see you visiting just a fraction of the possible bars such is the wide choice. So, what can you expect apart from lots of drinking, well the bars offer live football, live Sky sports, food, line dancing, bingo, karaoke and pool. So, get ready for a lot of drinking and fun!

Best Bar Restaurants of Benidorm

With a fantastic nightlife and amazing activities to go along with it, Benidorm can be rightly called as the holiday town that never sleeps. For the ones who like intense nightlife, Benidorm is the right place. Visitors may find variety of nightlife and entertainment activities in Benidorm. There are over 150 discos, nightclubs, cabaret & show bars and discothèques that invite the holidaymakers to fun and enjoyment. And of course, there is karaoke. Here is the list of best bar restaurants of Benidorm:

Vincent’s Kitchen Bar

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With numerous options for pubbing and clubbing the old town part of Benidorm is attractive amongst the locals and the tourists and one amongst those famous pub restaurants in old town is Vincent’s Kitchen Pub & Bar is a traditional British pub established in 1965 and located at the Benidorm Old Town and it is popular with the British population in Benidorm. The drinks and food are great with reasonable prices. The bar also has lively entertainment such as live music, karaoke, children’s entertainment and sports on TV. It is located at Avenida de los Almendros.

Daytona Rock Bar

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The Levante beach provides some spectacular views and cool breeze along with its outstanding skyline. It is also home to some vibrant pub restaurants and Daytona rock bar is one among those vibrant places. It is located at the sea front of the Levante beach at Avenida Alcoy. The place offers good drinks and some yummy food to choose from. There is also live music and a big screen for football lovers where one can watch the watch.

Sinatra’s Bar Restaurant

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If what you are looking for is a combination of disco, live music and cabaret then Sinatra’s bar restaurant is the place to be. It is located at Calle Mallorca of the new town area of Benidorm which has seen some massive investments in the recent years. And Sinatra’s is a famous venue in the new town region. The place also offers an exterior terrace where one can grab a drink while enjoying the cool evening breeze.

Tropical Bar Benidorm

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Another happening bar restaurant located in the new town region of Benidorm. Tropical bar is the place to be if you want to experience a Benidorm night, it also offers entertainment with outside terrace area having big screen where visitors can enjoy major sporting events like football, tennis and so on. The place serves some amazing co*cktails and the best of British cabaret. The food here is also mouth wateringly good. It is located at Avenida Severo Ochoa in the new town region.

Amigos Bar and Bistro

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Another gem located in the old town of Benidorm. Amigos Bar and Bistro is a great cafe bar and bistro. It offers great food at a fairly reasonable price to its visitors. The bar also provides night time entertainment for its audiences. Located at Calle Bon Retiro area of the old town.

These are some of the famous bar restaurants in Benidorm. Though they are open all day and till the early hours of the morning, the best time to visit these places would depend on what you are looking for. Make sure visit these places on your trip in Benidorm.

Major Events in Benidorm

The party capital of Costa Blanca on the east coast of Spain has entertainment in its DNA and is a place where you can visit round the year. There is always some fiesta or festival going on in this party town. Whether it’s re-enacting old battles, a celebration of the town’s patron saint, carnival time or a top music festival, revellers will be enthralled by what Benidorm has to offer. Let us look at the major events in Benidorm in brief:

  • Benidorm Fiesta: November – A week of music, dance, drink, parades and fireworks and a re-enactment of when the virgin arrived in Benidorm. The fun starts on the second Friday in November with events including a big parade of musical bands, flower offerings to the Virgin, music each night, children’s theatre, a mascleta which are noisy fireworks, a colourful parade of floats and fireworks to round off the end of the festivities. The day after the official fiesta ends, the British hold a massive fancy-dress party with a pub crawl around Benidorm.
  • Benidorm Carnival: Around Easter- It’s a fabulous spectacle with the children’s carnival starting in the morning followed by a children’s playground with a bouncy castle. The adult carnival takes place in the evening followed by a party and fireworks show. As well as the beautiful floats, many people walk along the parade route in fancy dress so it’s a great excuse to dress up as your favourite film star or hero and dance your way around Benidorm.
  • Low Festival with star acts: End of July– Best indie and rock artists from around the world reach Benidorm to perform in this fiesta. It’s called low because of the low cost of the tickets.
  • Dramatic battle between the Moors and Christians: End of September- One of the best fiestas in Benidorm. the parades are stunning with great costumes, massive parades and noisy dramatic re-enactment of theBattle of Lepantobetween the two groups. The groups march to the sound of a relentless drum beat and bagpipes to accompany the booming gunpowder with hundreds of people dressed as Moors or Christians in vivid costumes and headgear.
  • Benidorm Pride: Pride week September– The newest entrant to the list of fiestas in Benidorm, but it is certainly on of the most flamboyant amongst them. Thousands of people dress up to the nines for the amazing parade along Levante beach with the event also offering free music, DJs and a dazzling White Party.
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Nightclubs in Benidorm

Let the Sun go down and you will see the true party animal coming out in most people in Benidorm. A city which is vibrant and full of energy certainly needs some of the best nightclubs that one can offer to live up or match to its energy. And off course we have a long list of nightclubs which can match this energy but here we will see only the best of them:

KM Disco & Dance Club

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Let’s get started with the most popular and the most legendary of them all, the KM disco and dance club. It can accommodate over 5000 people at a time and has three dance floors, twelve bars and a swimming pool. The KM playa which is an offering by the same group is another great venue where one can dance till they drop at the beach. Visitors mostly start the night at KM Playa and then move onto KM Disco for clubbing all night long.

Hippodrome Disco Benidorm

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Located at the Benidorm square this is one of the amazing nightclubs in Benidorm. Great ambience and its open all year from 10:30pm till 8:00am. Make sure you dress well or get ready to be denied entry. It is at Calle Mallorca region of the Benidorm square.

Penelope Disco Beach Club

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The Penelope disco beach club offers a variety of acts, live music, international DJs, parties and more for anyone to choose from. Like the name suggests it is a beach club and offers a fine disco experience. It is rated among the best of the nightclubs in Benidorm. Soak in that cool breeze, grab a drink, dance to those beat but don’t forget to take a swim post all this.

KU Disco

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KU Disco is also one of the most popular nightclubs and discos in Benidorm. It offers great party nights in Benidorm with DJs, themed parties, excellent atmosphere, dancers and more. When there are major fests going on Benidorm this is the place to be in for the themed parties. Afterall wouldn’t you like to dress like iron or batman and go to a party?

Disco Bahamas

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Primarily known for its RnB but trust me this club is much more than that. The venue is fantastic with international DJs playing the very best in RnB, Hip-hop, House, Dance Reggaeton and old school. Disco Bahamas includes 3 bars (2 large ones inside and 1 large outdoor terrace). Entertainment goes for all night long. Entrance is free of charge and there is a party every night. It is one of the best in Benidorm.

Club Discoteca Manssion

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Manssion Club and Disco is one of the greatest discos and nightclub in Benidorm. It offers lively nights with electronic hardcore music. Every Saturday the club is full with more than five thousand people listening to the most important and well known Spanish and European DJ’s in the world of hardcore music. If electronic disco music is your thing you know where to head. Also, get ready to dance till you drop because the party here starts late but goes on and on.

Timing Guide for Nightlife in Benidorm

Benidorm is a place which is alive and kicking throughout the year. Though the best times to visit is during the spring when the city is full of colours and vibrant. During the spring the party starts in the evening and goes on post sun rise at most of the happening places. Get ready to dance till even 8:30am at a lot of places. The party peaks around midnight. While in the winters especially in the months of December and January the party is not as wild and is slightly mellowed down. The city is visited mostly by retired pensioners who want to soak in some sun and spend some time away from the harsh winters of Europe. This is considered to be a off season in Benidorm and the town is much more relaxed during this time. A few places operate only during the weekends during these months. So decide what you are looking for but make sure Benidorm is on your list during your next visit to Spain.


Benidorm located in thee eastern coast of Spain is the most important city in the province of Alicante. The city is known for its luxury hotels which are located around the two prominent beaches of the city, Levante and Poniente. These luxury hotels attract a large number of tourists from Spain and also other parts of Europe to this beautiful city. It is also the 5th largest city in the Alicante province with a population of around seventy thousand people.

The city boasts some amazing festivals or fiestas like the Spanish call it. These fiestas are a good mix of the Spanish culture, religion and modern world phenomenon. Starting from the Benidorm fiesta to the low-key music festival and to the Benidorm pride parade the city has got it all. One can see the colourful nature and the vibe of the city in these fiestas. And fiestas are also one of the best times to visit this beautiful city.

The large influx of tourists from round the globe have given rise to a sea of clubs, pubs, bars, discotheques and nightclubs to cater to these tourists. Beer is the unofficial official drink of the city and can be found almost everywhere at an extremely cheap price. At most places a bee can cost less than a euro. There are also various types of bars like live music bars, gay bars, stag bars, sea bars, English style bars and cabaret bars that one can choose from. These places have got something for everyone.

Overall head to Benidorm if you are not faint hearted and are a party animal. This is not the place if you are really looking for a calm, mellowed down experience on your next holiday. But once you are here be sure that the city will keep you alive and kicking!

Benidorm Nightlife • A Complete Guide [2022 October Update] (2024)


Is Benidorm lively in October? ›

From April into November, Benidorm is lively, and still busy the rest of the year. In October, days can be hot but nights can be cool.

Are bars back open in Benidorm? ›

Yes, clubs, pubs, bars and restaurants are allowed to open in Benidorm. According to Spain's Government, there are no Covid-19 limits on closing times anymore in Benidorm.

Is Benidorm quiet in October? ›

Re: October nightlife? Like most months in the year Benidorm will be quiet mid-week; Tuesday night/Wednesday night. Weekends will still be busy.

What part of Benidorm is best for nightlife? ›

The hub of this area of Benidorm nightlife is Avenida de Alcoy, converted into a promenade right on the sand of the beach. Some nightclubs on Levante beach are the beach version of La Carretera's clubs, such as KM Playa, Penélope Playa or KU Playa.

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