60 Minutes - Full Episodes Video - CBS News (2024)

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60 Minutes - Full Episodes Video - CBS News (34)

How artificial intelligence is revamping customer call centers

Everyone gets angry over customer service call centers – both the customers frustrated at having their complaints heard and resolved, and the employees who are on the receiving end of callers' ire. That's when an AI bot can step in to cut waiting time and help defuse the situation. Correspondent David Pogue talks with the founders of Gridspace, whose artificial intelligence customer service agent, named Grace, fills in for human agents at more than 100 airlines, banks, hospital chains and phone companies.

  • Jan 7
  • 08:43
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60 Minutes - Full Episodes Video - CBS News (2024)


Where can I watch 60 Minutes episodes? ›

60 Minutes - CBS - Watch on Paramount Plus.

What app is 60 Minutes on? ›

How to Watch. Right now you can watch on fuboTV, Paramount Plus, and Paramount+ Amazon Channel.

Where is 60 Minutes? ›

Video from 60 Minutes (including full episodes) is also made available for streaming several hours after the program's initial broadcast on CBSNews.com and Paramount+.

Where can I watch new episodes of 60 days in? ›

How to Watch 60 Days In. Right now you can watch 60 Days In on Netflix, Hulu, and A&E.

Does 60 Minutes air on CBS? ›

60 Minutes was created in 1968 by Don Hewitt and premiered on the 24th of September on CBS. The executive producer is Bill Owens. Tune in Sundays (7:00-8:00 ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Is 60 Minutes free on Roku? ›

Streaming on Roku. 60 Minutes, a newsmagazine series is available to stream now. Watch it on Pluto TV - It's Free TV on your Roku device.

Is 60 Minutes on NBC or CBS? ›

On America's most-watched newsmagazine show, CBS News correspondents report on important stories, interview high-profile guests from around the world.

What local channel is CBS? ›

Stations for Los Angeles, California
Display ChannelDigital ChannelNetwork
140 more rows

How can I watch 60 Minutes without cable? ›

What streaming services allow live streaming of 60 Minutes?
  2. Fubo.
  3. Hulu + Live TV.
  4. Paramount+

What does CBS stand for? ›

abbreviation. /ˌsiː biː ˈes/ /ˌsiː biː ˈes/ Columbia Broadcasting System. (an American recording and broadcasting company that produces records, television programmes, etc.)

Where can I watch 60 Minutes without cable? ›

  • Amazon.
  • ESPN+ Hulu + Live TV.

What network carries 60 Minutes? ›

Image of What network carries 60 Minutes?
CBS Broadcasting Inc., commonly shortened to CBS, is an American commercial broadcast television and radio network serving as the flagship property of the CBS Entertainment Group division of Paramount Global.

What channel is 60 Minutes on regular TV? ›

The granddaddy (and the Rolls-Royce) of newsmagazines, it set the standard for all that followed, and has kept on ticking on CBS since Sept.

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